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  1. The Mach 1 has been out for a while now. The 4r70w is big improvment to the old FMX. Its so nice to Cruise the highway, but still smoke the tires when accelerating hard. If someone has some questions Il be glad to help :-) [video=youtube] Regards Rob
  2. Ok Thanks Don :-) I’ve got one. I have not driven it enough to have much of an opinion. They are supposed to help out with transitions in and out of corners. Wow looks stabile and strong, so rear sway bar ?
  3. Has anyone put an Pan hard bar instead of the rear sway bar ?
  4. Im rollin with a Champion radiator, it works fine.
  5. Did you keep it like that? That seems like too big of a swing for me to want to leave it like that. I have a port in my T-stat housing I could use but I was trying to avoid that. I'm sure it would be nice to show my T-stat is working at that point though because it wouldn't really read accurately until the stat opened. yes I left it like that for 2 years, and then put it back when I Went to carb :-)
  6. Ive done it but it showed 10 degrees more then the one in the block.
  7. Just invert it, put it uppside down. Like this. This is on a 4r70 but should wotk fine on the AOD/E I dont know if that would work on the aod you have the tv cable lever in that spot. Yes you are right I forgot th TV Cable, sorry
  8. Just invert it, put it uppside down. Like this. This is on a 4r70 but should wotk fine on the AOD/E
  9. Today I finally finished the exhaust. New pipes all the way and welded. I cut out for the pipes in the Valance.
  10. For my opinion just under the transmission pan is okay. Hookers 6921 or 6915 is a good choice. If you having trouble to get the exhaust exactly onto the headers you can use flexpipe, if you dont want to do a custom pipe section.
  11. Im redoing the exhaust was not pleased. But now the front part is welded and ready :-)
  12. Ive done it but its rather tricky. I used many clips to keep tension on the headliner.
  13. Exhaust is done, just checking the angles on driveshaft :-)
  14. Driveshaft in Place the transmission is filled with fluid. Installed the dipstick tube. Starting with exhaust next week :-)
  15. I have the flowcooler since 5 years or so, works great.
  16. The shortened driveshaft has arrived, with high performance u-joints. I also picked up a new pan with drain plug.
  17. Hi Ive changed all the gauges for modern ones 3 years ago. Im using the autometer to pulse converter. It creates a signal/pulse to modern tachometers. It fits in analog output of the 4r70w just same as the FMXhad. Ive got the shortened drive shaft today. More info later. Electronics in Place :-)
  18. Nice job, are making Changes to the tunel ? or did the 6r80 fit right in ?
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