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  1. Great Info thanks, what about motor mounts ? Regards Rob
  2. Cool so the Engine fits without notching the shock Towers ?
  3. The flexplate from the FMX fits the stock converter perfect, the coverplate was redrilled in to spots to fit the bellhousing. The header on the driver side had to be smashed a bit to fully clear the Borgeson steering box. Im using Remflex gaskets so with stock heads, thinner gaskets and original heads It would probably clear the steeringbox. The shifter arm will hit the header flange so I just put it upside down(used Another bracket for that). Im gonna use US shift module to controll the 4r70w. I also put in 6 clutches instead of 5 in the v6 version and 4 intermedia clutches instead of 3. I used an AOD crossmember but modifed it to fit. You also need longer bolts for the case against the Engine. This should hold to 500 hp+ :-) Driveshaft is gonna shortened and balanced by a local specialist that makes custom driveshaft for racing. Here is some more Pictures Inside the rebuilt 4t70w Complete rebuild kit with new drums New bearings kit New acumalator kit New Electronics solenoid kit Hardened shaft Billet New overdive 2.7 servo Transgo Reprograming kit Sonnax spriral retaining kit Sonnax slip yoke This is 98 tranny so it has lot of the upgrades done already that the transgo kit adresses. bilder man får använda
  4. Robsweden, I am very interested in knowing the mods done to the 4R70W. Please let me know how the headers fit with the AODE transmission. I am in the process of completing the same swap on my son's 1973 Mach 1. Thank you in advance. Hi Im using the Hooker 6915 headers they will fit but its tight. I could not use the lever for the BM shifter in the correct postition. I hade to put it on the upside/otherside. Il put a Picture later tonight Il also going to explain the mods. gratis film online
  5. Thanks Fabrice :-) It will be balanced in a custom shop in Stockholm that only deals with this kind off stuff. Driveshaft etc
  6. Im doing this mod for sure, really looks so much better. Great job Regards Rob
  7. In my opnion I Always liked the chrome bumper better. :-)
  8. Hi Guys and thanks. I think its gonna slide in without any problems, Ive read about cutting away tabs on the case. Will see if that is needed. I have the AOD Crossmember also, and Il have to shorten the driveshaft 1,5-2 inches. Now Im waiting for my new headers to come back from Coating. I Went with the Hooker 6915 :-) More info will come , If anyone is interested I can list the mods done in the 4r70w. Regards Rob
  9. Hi Im just getting ready to do the swap, here is some Pictures for now. 4r70w is from a 98v6 mustang. Ive rebuiltit my self. All new solenids, bearings ,cluthes, hardend stubshaft ,Trans go shiftkit pretty much Everything is new inside. 4 intermedia cluthes instead of 3 that came in 98. Il be running a Quick 4 to Control it. Torque converter is stock but modified. Higher stall, reinforcment and needle bearing. More info about the swap later :-) Stock this clutch came with 5 frictions in the v6 , just change pressure plate to a thinner one and one more friction and you have the same as the v8 4r70w. Upgraded stock converter to 2300 stall, needle bearing and reinforced wings. Valvebody with transgo shiftkit installed I also installed the lever for the BM megashifter, so no more fabrication as I did to the FMX. FMX is out and already sold :-) www grattis se
  10. Could be the 1-2 accumolator or something like that. What does the monster Company say ?
  11. Hi Great info from everybody, Il get back with some choices from me. regards Rob
  12. Hi All and thanks for your answer. I have not yet checked out the compression or which pistons to use. Probably Diamond or JE maybe. Heads are 62cc. Regards Rob
  13. Hi Im planing to stroke my 351c. 3.5 gears, 4r70w tranny(2300 stall converter) , 2v CHI Heads , Howard Roller rockers. What Roller cam should I choose ? Any suggestion ? Im thinking 520-530 hp and great tq should not be impossible with the heads, that flows 300 cfm. Regards Rob
  14. Hey Rob, on first gen (late 2017/early 18) there were some software ECU bugs. They provided firmware updates that fixed all kinds of issues. Did you run the update? Check the version that you have, on the handheld go to local setup/local info and note the firmware version under Device FW Version. https://forums.holley.com/showthread.php?22213-Firmware-latest-version https://documents.holley.com/techlibrary_sniperefirevisionlog2x4update.pdf https://www.holley.com/support/resources/#Fuel_Injection @newAgeMuscle had a hardware problem and Holley replaced it. May be you should contact them... Hi Fabrice :-) I did Everything possible to do, but I couldnt get it right. I have a friend who got a new one from Holley. But now he runs with edelebrock pro flo, much better. Will se what I l do. Im waiting for the 4r70w Control in the Terminator ECU. I let you now what Il choose. Regards Rob
  15. Hi I had the sniper for 2 years and removed it. It ran perfect for one year the all sorts of problems occured. My theory is that the ECU Electronics didnt manage the heat under the hood. I Heard others who had the same problems. So back to a holley 4150 double pumper for now. Im looking at the Edelbrock proflow system, that is a totally different bussines. ECU is mounted inside etc. Injectors are in the intake manifold. But for now they dont make a kit that supports the 351c Engine. I have a friend who installed the Edelbrock system in 408w and it outperformed the sniper and fitech units. Specially on low rpm with a hot cam. I do not recommend the sniper unit. Take a look at Holley sniper forum. If I had to choose I would get the Fast 2 it seems that they had less problems of all. When the sniper runs its good no doubt about that, but when problems start it will freak you out. Regards Rob
  16. They really look nice. Has anyone tried any other seats ? I read somewhere that somebody put in bmw M3 seats ....
  17. My exhaust is a bit twisted in a strange way, So Il leave it for now.
  18. Thanks, clearance issue is gonna be a problem. I dont Think I can squeeze it in.
  19. Hi Has anyone a Picture of the swaybar installed ? Im having a hard time understanding the instructions.. Regards Rob
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