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  1. My exhaust is a bit twisted in a strange way, So Il leave it for now.
  2. Thanks, clearance issue is gonna be a problem. I dont Think I can squeeze it in.
  3. Hi Has anyone a Picture of the swaybar installed ? Im having a hard time understanding the instructions.. Regards Rob
  4. Takes 1-2 cranks :-) Holley 750 double pumper, Electric pump. Just pump the gas 3 times and it starts. Ive elimintaed the choke. Just hold it with the gas 30-40 seconds and then it Idles in park.
  5. Check the valve in the distribuiton block, If it stuck your front brakes will drag.
  6. I have just a siimilar one and it works great. I also put the leedbrakes pump giving me 25 in/hg vacum. Together with The Cobra brakes upgrade and 1 inch bore master cylinder its a good stopping combo :-) regards Rob
  7. I read on another Place that they are for a 67 - 70 Mustang/Cougar, 70 - 71 Falcon / Fairlane / Torino / Ranchero / Cyclone / Montego: 351C But that they will fit on 71-73 ? I have the option to buy a set, has anyone tried them ? Can verify that they fit in the 71-73 Regards Rob
  8. Hi I did a four Wheel aligment yesterday, with new suspension parts it came ok. But the shop manager noticed that my Wheel on the driver side is 5-7 mm forward than the one on the passenger side. He looked at the upper Control arm and it seems like its not straight into the Tower. I Went home and looked at it, it seems like the metal itself is a Little bit further in on the the hole I marked in the Picture. Okay options remove the Control arm and try to heat or bring the metal back. Put a shim on the other bolt in the Control arm so its straight. Can this be done ? should I shim out the passanger side to ? Regards Rob
  9. yes Don , thanks. I was wondering more about the values in numbers. Regards Rob
  10. Hi Did you benchbleed the new master cylinder ? Im suspecting air is trapped somewhere. Did you push the pads to far back when installing them ?
  11. Hi I have brand new stock suspension put in, springs 1 inch lowering , upper and lower Control arms, pitmanarm etc, Front and rear is all new pieces. Sway bar in front is 1 inch thick. Im going to do a four Wheel aligment next week. What is the max toe in , toe out , camber , caster etc that I can use with my suspension ? How far can I push the settings ? regards Rob
  12. Hi I used Gladen, rather expensive but great results :-)
  13. Found the instructions, its for a car that already has the sway bar stock. So I refrase has anyone mounted this bar to a car that didnt had it as stock ? Regards Rob
  14. What cams specs are you running? What kind? Compression ratio? Any idea on HP/Torque? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Hi Engine 351C 2V CHI heads Edelbrock Air-Gap Camshaft Intake Duration @ .050": 227° Exhaust Duration @ .050": 227° Advertised Intake Duration (@ .006"): 281° Advertised Exhaust Duration (@ .006"): 281° Intake Valve Lift with OE Rocker Ratio (1.73): .542" Hp/TQ Shoudl be over 400 and maybe 430-440 nm. Thats I guess, Il have it dynoed later this summer. Regards Rob
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