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  1. Found the instructions, its for a car that already has the sway bar stock. So I refrase has anyone mounted this bar to a car that didnt had it as stock ? Regards Rob
  2. What cams specs are you running? What kind? Compression ratio? Any idea on HP/Torque? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Hi Engine 351C 2V CHI heads Edelbrock Air-Gap Camshaft Intake Duration @ .050": 227° Exhaust Duration @ .050": 227° Advertised Intake Duration (@ .006"): 281° Advertised Exhaust Duration (@ .006"): 281° Intake Valve Lift with OE Rocker Ratio (1.73): .542" Hp/TQ Shoudl be over 400 and maybe 430-440 nm. Thats I guess, Il have it dynoed later this summer. Regards Rob
  3. im running the 2v version 190 cc , with airgap intake. Runs great :-)
  4. Hi Anyone got a pdf instruction on how to install the addco rear sway bar in a 73 ? There should be some drilling involved for sure. http://images.restomods.com/00/s/NjY1WDEwMDA=/z/ntoAAOSwrzpZeRwE/$/71-73-Ford-Mustang-Mercury-Cougar_1.JPG[/img] Regards Rob
  5. OMG - I'm so excited... I think I might've just peed a little. :whistling: Thank you SO much!! ::thumb:: Youre welcome :-)
  6. AOD: Instructions for the AOD are included with the optional installation kit, Part No. 40496. Regards Rob
  7. Hi all I Always wanted a cool shifter not the one thats comes stock with the FMX Tranny. So I bought the Megashifter knowing that there is no brackets for it to work with the FMX. I read some DIY on how to make this work, and I also got some Pictures from rocket366 on Another installation. My linkage on the FMX attaches on the upperside, with the Megashifter it has to connect downside bracket. The steel is extremly hardened, so driliing was out ot the question. I also wanted to be alble to swap back to original if needed. Everything is done with the tranny in the car, and its very tight the headders. First you have to install the shifter itself, that is the easy part. I made a bracket to bolt the shifter on to, and Another cross bracket to hold the shifter bracket. Everything can be mounted from inside the car without having trouble reaching any bolts or nuts. You have to raise thas back of the shifter to keep it in level. Next you have to fabricate a bracket that holds the Cable , you could probably use the C4 or C6 bracket with some welding. I made a one from scratch. Its rough but it will do the job. Next is to fabricate the bracket that is bolted to the rod that normaly goes to the steering Wheel lock mechanism, or what its called. Then you need the or bracket that is bolted to the stock shifter rod hole. when that is made, bolt Everything up. Put some washers under the lower bracket so the dowel pin can be put in. This maybe be not be needed , depends on how and where your hole is for the lower bracket. Bolt Everything down and prepare for making the hole that holds the Cable from the megashifter. slide on a bolt to the wire and make something like this Slide that on the Cable. Put the shifter in position reverse and tha tranny lever in reverse. wiggle the Cable so that you get a line on the bracket. Put the shifter in position 1 and the lever in position one. Wiggle the Cable and you should get Another line on the bracket. Where the lines intercept is where you should drill your hole. Drill the hole , bolt eveything in Place and attach the Cable. Test every position, the Cable should slide out and not be hard to get out. Adjust the bot on the wire maybe one turn if its not perfect. If Everything works you can enjoy your Megashifter. There is probably other ways to make this work. Brackets where made from scrap laying around in the garage without welding. Best Regards Rob
  8. Thanks Il do something similar with windlace stuff. I Think the louver really adds the last finishing touch on the Mach 1 Regards Rob
  9. Great thanks all :-) The one I have seen IRL in sweden is a short version it doesnt cover the last piece of the window. So Il Think I go with the one from Summit :-) Thanks all again Regards Rob
  10. Hi I looking for louvers for my Mach 1 Ive found one at Summit racing and onther one at Astra Hammond. Has anyone tried one of theese ? Ive also read something about someone who modified a louver from a 70 to fit. Regards Rob
  11. Hi No calculations I just did the box so it fitted and raised them up a bit. I Think it generates bas enough for me, but of course you are right about squeezing in a woofer. Il be back when its all done and hooked up :-) Regards Rob
  12. Btw I forgot to mention that all the inside is covered in Gladen stuff. Roof, doors Everything, then new carpet on. Its like a modern car when closing the doors now. supersilent :-)
  13. There is still some touch up to do. Il try to record something when its all in Place regards Rob
  14. Hi I removed the fold seat option and Im putting some speakers instead. My daugther enjoyed helping me out :-) More Pictures tom come from final install. Il be using a small BT device and only run Spotify thru my phone.
  15. Im also interested in the torqstorm supercharger, should be bolt on and the battery must be moved to the trunk. Regards Rob
  16. Hi I used the Picture above as a reference and it worked out fine. I later swapped them out for Cobra Brakes. regards rob
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