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  1. Hello Okay, thanks. The ragjoint is rather new, and so is the Borgeson steering box. Could be some Little play in the box that I feel.
  2. Hi Is it better to use a steel coupler instead ot the original ? Or will vibrations travel upto the steeringwheel ? There is Always a Little slack inte theese even if they are new. Regards Rob
  3. Hi Im waiting for the last parts from Mustang Steve. Im also putting discbrakes in the rear. Il post some as I get started. Regards Rob
  4. Vacuum gauge is already hooked on and I belive I can see manifold pressure in the Sniper EFI Handheld. How much should I aim for to be on the safe side ? on idle I have about 65 kpa thats about 19inHg , I also have a vacuum canister.
  5. Thanks The brakes are from a 04 , 351c but I Think there is enough vacuum. 17" rims is already on :-) Regards Rob
  6. Hi Im doing the Cobra brake upgrades, is it nessecary to use Hydroboost ? or will the standard vacuumbooster be enough to push the calipers ? Regards Rob
  7. Don C The pump comes from Mercedes Benz A class 98-99 , it only costs 170 usd at the scrap yard. This is much cheaper then the rack and pinion, I also have the Borgeson steering box that is only 2 years old. Regards Rob
  8. Here is a bracket that will hold the pump from the other side, underneath the pump has a rod coming out. So it just secures into a hole. Fixed in 3 places, bottom and side, side. Normally its bottom and side. Better safe then...
  9. Hello I got tired of the Borgeson pump so I thought why not Electric pump. I now have an 250 amp alternator so it should work. Here is a Picture of a mock up, the brackets will be done properly later on. Tomorrow Im going to the local shop for making new pressure hose from pump to borgeson steering box. 3 wires only on the pump, +12 volt , ground and ignition. It also is capable of supporting hydro boost. More will follow. Regards Rob
  10. Hi I will let you know how it will go, yes I can wire it to the ignition no problems.
  11. Thanks The whole Electric system in the car is changed to 12 volt, no more original wiring. Its a one wire tuff stuff alternator that goes directly to the battery. I like the idea of the programmable output. I have the MSD6AL and the Sniper unit. Thanks for helping :-) Regards Rob
  12. Hi Im switching to an Mercedes Electric powersteering pump. Today Im running the Borgesson saginaw. I also have a 1 wire alternator without the external Charing relay. I want wire the pump so it only runs when the Alternator is charging. The pump has 3 wires. +12 volt, ground and , 12volt igntion. Is it possible to set it up. Regards Rob
  13. The glimmer belt kit is alright, as long that you have Place for it. Cool winning sound when revving :-)
  14. Hi I made a shroud and squeezed in one 12 inch and one 16 inch. Works great :-) Oliver Goldsmith biography
  15. Thanks for advice :-) You are so right about that, never thought of it that way. Il have to rethink :-) Regrads Rob
  16. Yep its between the turnsignal and bumper , I dont have any grillsupport plate so its empty there. Im thinking of adding some plastic to the grille as a skirt that will cover the 1 inch missing. regards Rob
  17. Well let us know how you do it. Very interested, as its on my todo too for a while. For so far i've looked, looks like reusing the bolts on the big plate that holds the bumper and having a z shape might be the simplest and prevents to drill into the grille. Reminds me I need go get some thin alu plates for this... I have filled the space in between the lights so I don't see the floor or radiator (more than enough air can go thru the grille). If you plan fill underneath as well, picts/ideas welcome! Hi Fabrice Ive made this up real Quick, first I was thinking of making a whole plate that covers Everything and having a Square air inlet. But then I let it go. Actually you dont se much of the top bar ;-) I have not decided if I shoould put it in... regards Rob
  18. From what Ive seen with dyno figures its an extra 15-20 hp over stock intake depending on the aplication. I run it with my 351c and Holley Sniper EFI , but it doesnt leave much space for the aircleaner. Ram air doesnt work with the airgap.
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