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  1. I believe that raises the idle a bit when you turn the A/C on. Exact name, I am not sure.
  2. Will definitely check them out. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for checking around for me. We will find some eventually.
  4. Get on Facebook and look up Scotty Stickland in Oxford, N.C. He has a Ford junkyard I saw a few fairlanes there. Facebook only want to reach him. He works third shift at regular job. Thank you. Struck out with the other recommendation so we will give him a try.
  5. Much appreciated. So far he has struck out on his Fairlane sites but we will keep checking. We will try this guy you sent. Can always count on my Mustang brothers! ::thumb::
  6. Got a friend building a 67 Fairlane and he has run into the same problems as us 1973 Mustang owners with the rear bumper brackets. No one makes them. Anyone happen to have a set they want to sell that are decent or know of another model that would fit a 67 Fairlane? :chin:
  7. When I read the first symptom, my mind went immediately to vacuum leak but I see you already checked that. I had a cracked carb baseplate that caused the same issues. Let us know if you find out what it ended up being.
  8. Mine was good too. Must have been cut on a Monday or a Friday.
  9. Another Hello! from Mississippi.
  10. Welcome from Mississippi.
  11. ClevelandCoupe was able to find the ones that he had and offered them to me at a very decent price considering their attainability. Since I had already modified my 72 brackets to work, I don't need them anymore. Check with him if you still need them.
  12. Good luck. I have been searching too with no luck. I have decided to modify a set of 72 brackets to make them work.
  13. Working on dash because I have no dashlights. Changed some blown fuses and found some wires hanging that looked like they had come loose from each other. Wired them back together and now I have dashlights all the time when the key is on. So I guess that was not a good move. Love tracking down electrical gremlins.
  14. Check with Ohio Mustang (Don). I just bought some used tracks for my 73 from him and was pleased.
  15. Keep your eyes open on EBay. I needed some seats for a 73 coupe and finally found some for a very good price. Cost more to have them shipped to me than the cost of the seats themselves. Definitely check with Don of Ohio Mustang (listed on here). He has lots of used/new parts and knows lots of people. Good luck and if I happen to run across any, I will let you know.
  16. Thanks for the advice. Definitely do not want these to fail. My others had been in water and had completely rusted away. The back would just flip all the way back. Guy I bought the car from had cinder blocks holding the seats up.
  17. Thanks. That may be an option if I cannot find anything else. Hard to spend that much when it is double what I paid for two complete seats and shipping but you do what you have to do.
  18. Just scored some bucket seats from Ebay for my 73. My others were completely rusted out on the bottom frame. Bad thing is these do not have the backets/sliders. Guess now I am on the lookout for them.
  19. Thank you Steve. I have already started modifying some 72 brackets just in case I cannot find some decent 73s. Going to notch the top where it fits over the top cover. Then cut the brackets on both sides and weld in a spacer to make up the difference in length.
  20. Anyone know where I can get some rear bumper brackets for my 73? I have searched just about everywhere and came up empty.
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