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    1973 Mustang 351 cleveland C6 415 hp 400 tq.
    Bought when i was 15 yrs old in 1999.


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    Brownsburg Indiana
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  1. Thank you sir. Your car looks great. Ya i didnt know if i wanted to go with real wide wheels up front. Other option i was thinkin was some black fr500s. 18x10 in rear 17x9 up front
  2. hello guys i am new as of today. Sorry if i ask questions that have been asked. Ihave owned my 1973 mustang since i was 15. Bought it back in 1999, 351 cleveland c6 car. Love it. My first car and will never sell it. All its life it has had 15x10 and 14x8 cragars. I want to put some black steelies on it prob 17x10 rear 275/40/17 and 16x9 front 215-55-16. I cant seem to find any pics with steelies on em. Can anyone refer me to a site or photoshop some on my car? I am kinda wanting to look like an old grand am car. thank yall
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