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  1. Depends on whether you are aiming for pro street as the look What about a shaker? Would look ok on a flat non NASA hood
  2. He should have said "One careful owner", the other 6 were rough and beat the crap out of it.
  3. Actually if you have a close look you will see a lot of 71-73. honeycomb grill, nasa scoops, the front guard eyebrows. When you see the 74 2 door variant like gpierce's I think you can see where Ford aus leant on the style of the 71-73.
  4. For our USA friends, this is a bit of aussie Ford sedan for you. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/tamaree/cars-vans-utes/xb-falcon-sdn/1135502453 Check the engine 351c, yates heads and quad webber 48IDA's - how good would that sound!
  5. I think that is my favourite line as well. The other bit I like is that $2k for paint and material. I am thinking that the labour might increase that by 3 fold as a start.
  6. I viewed this car when it was on CL last month. The seller is not accurate in the description. Examples, rust in panels, bad bondo repairs, interior trim and panels missing, all VIN plates not matching, missing engine compartment systems. Could be a good car for someone, put it is not quite all that as he describes. Wow, he talks it up as being a seriously solid car. The paint looks average in the pics - very much like its a single stage metallic with no pop at all which you could forgive, but if its actually got rust when he is claiming zero.....disappoint!
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-Ford-Mustang-CONVERTIBLE-/222367065824?forcerrptr=true&hash=item33c61c26e0:g:fpkAAOSwnHZYbK-3&item=222367065824 Nice options: M code, PW, PB, AC grabber green metallic orig 71k miles
  8. Kurt what ended up with your M code? I was enjoying that thread.
  9. Whats a nice restored J code worth though? And I guess it depends on whether you want to restore to representative or concourse.
  10. Thanks Dave At the moment I am trying to get a feel for the market. My preference is a 71 M or Q code then followed by the 72. Yours looks like a great solid car to start with but I am still early in my decisions about holding off and seeing if the car I want can be found in Aus or whether I need to go to the USA. There is a good chance i will be in the US this year sometime for a holiday. At the moment I am trying to not get impatient but wait until I find the car I want. PS the M code 71 motor was the same used in our Falcon GT whilst the Boss 351 was prettyt much our Falcon GTHO motor.
  11. https://swmi.craigslist.org/cto/5891402462.html Boss 351. Seems nice
  12. Yes they did but if you want a daily driver the LHD car is just a bit harder to live with so there is still some reasons to have a RHD conversion. I think Ozcoupe has bought the car with a partial RHD conversion commenced and no doubt got it pretty cheap as a result ::thumb::
  13. Hi again Are these pretty typical prices for driver quality cars in the US? I know nothing about Craigslist but imagine Buyer Beware is the major caveat and you need a local agent and good inspection to avoid rip offs? http://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/5905535030.html http://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/5921945078.html
  14. In Australia the common source is our 302c rods which a 6 inch. Did have a look at this some time ago and the downside is you need a custom piston yet the word is no appreciable increase in power to be worth the cost.
  15. Ray Christmas is a family time, it is natural that your subconscious automatically takes you there. BTW Great photo - family history is fantastic, they were young folks doing what they did not part of history, the changes our grandparents and parents generations have seen makes ours seem so small. Here is something from my memories. My grandmother was born in Feb 1900 and died in November 2000. It blows my mind that she lived through 2 world wars, full industrialisation, exploration into space and also raised 12 children. She was the coolest old lady, sharp as a tack and a barrel of laughs.
  16. Thnks guys Got my heart set on a Mach 1....although wife wants a vert. Hmm one container, two cars (add in cost of divorce). Been looking hard at craigslist and ebay US to get an idea on what is around. 71's seem light on the ground compared to 73's (@ same production number in total). Although I have a 408c stroker in parts to put in the car, I do want as rust free a car as possible with matching numbers (an M or Q code really) as I think the 71-73's will go up in price a fair bit in the next 10 odd years - the market cant sustain the difference in price to the 69-70 once that segment gets saturated and full priced. There has been a lot of good tips about filling the car with parts before its shipped to save $ which is great, and the chart I got was really helpful in laying out all of the extra costs. I fully expect that this is a $40k project when its finished, it comes down to how much I want to put out up front vs in build. I have the $ to spend so that its about the car.
  17. Turbines http://www.detroitvintagewheels.com/turbines.html Can also be called Hurricanes or Cyclones
  18. From WI it is probably more like all night and half the day in an A380 ::thumb::
  19. Mike I feel like a pup. Just clocked over 33 years here - started at 19 and have 7 1/2 years until mandatory retirement. Only on call every second week - keeps me off the booze every second week ::thumb::
  20. Thanks for that. Its something I will need to do a lot more research into. If you have any contacts or specifics I would appreciate them. I am on Shermatt's mailing list and will initiate some contact after Xmas. Alas the mustang minefield here. Importers wanting what seems premium for resto projects and the limited number of 71-73' Mach1's around that match my interest.
  21. Thanks all. Well can cancel that off the list now. Jason, same as you, I am more after a driver than a show car. Thanks for the links on Ebay. That black 73 looks a nice car (not a great colour for our weather (summer temps here normally sit around 90f and humid). The yellow car would be a great driver base with all of the suspension work done. The USA option is certainly something I will need to think more heavily about, I know I would love a silver or red M or Q code 71 Fastback. No idea how that sits in your market I will have to just watch a while and see how the prices run.
  22. Hi all New to the forum and live in Brisbane Australia. No surprise that 71-73's are not common here and not much choice but heaps cheaper to buy than the 67-70 fastbacks. I am looking for a resto project that doesnt involve heaps of rust repairs, paint and engine and the mechanical side of things is not a real issue. This is something I can probably get home for the equivalent of say USD$11k from one of our southern states. Originally 302w 2v now with a 351c 4V http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/henley-beach/cars-vans-utes/1973-ford-mustang-sportsroof-fastback-mach1-351-manual/1126122767 There is an easy $1k in door trims, roof lining plus another $1.5k to ditch the old 3 speed and go to a rebuilt 4 speed toploader. Bit of an ugly colour but I am not after a show car but a weekend toy so a colour change is not a deal breaker. So my question is, how does this compare to the current US market? I can ship a car here for @ USD$3.5k, if I'm in for say $USD$14k for a local car, do I get a better car for my $$ importing? What say you. Thanks Craig
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