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  1. yes ill be there i might not bring the car though... waitin on insurance
  2. still no aod converter yet so i gave it the finger and walked away...... we have all had these days
  3. lol tnfastbk i like your garage button "my money pit" oh how its so true....
  4. your coupe headliner has to be installed same time your rear window is fyi cant stress that enough....
  5. goof off thats a good product idk if it will work on vynal though....
  6. no ac?! man we live in south central tx it was 102 today i say u need ac back in your car next sir
  7. yes ground or voltage regulator does you head light switch get hot after a while?
  8. http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/cto/2610284171.html 6k not to shabby
  9. ok heres a question i havet seen posted up. how do you install the winlace thats by the door jam/rear seat area? any one got 1st hand knoledge or pics im going to be doing this soon just some insight might help rather than wing it
  10. ok good just checking, i thought it sounded really strange, like it shouldnt be done or even mount together correctley
  11. looking great!!!! why did you have to cut the fenderwells out? for the tire or controol arms or something?
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