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  1. yes ill be there i might not bring the car though... waitin on insurance
  2. still no aod converter yet so i gave it the finger and walked away...... we have all had these days
  3. lol tnfastbk i like your garage button "my money pit" oh how its so true....
  4. your coupe headliner has to be installed same time your rear window is fyi cant stress that enough....
  5. goof off thats a good product idk if it will work on vynal though....
  6. no ac?! man we live in south central tx it was 102 today i say u need ac back in your car next sir
  7. yes ground or voltage regulator does you head light switch get hot after a while?
  8. http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/cto/2610284171.html 6k not to shabby
  9. ok heres a question i havet seen posted up. how do you install the winlace thats by the door jam/rear seat area? any one got 1st hand knoledge or pics im going to be doing this soon just some insight might help rather than wing it
  10. ok good just checking, i thought it sounded really strange, like it shouldnt be done or even mount together correctley
  11. looking great!!!! why did you have to cut the fenderwells out? for the tire or controol arms or something?
  12. i did the ausie 3v style, and love every min of it, yes i did put a hydro roller cam in with roller rockers and the whole 9 yards but a "paycheck" will not cover what i did. Had to save for a while i did the hole thing on my cleveland but everyone else is right, how will you drive it...and what to you want it to drive like? i wanted mine like a scalded ape goin down the street. i dont really care about mpg (even though i put an aod in) if you want a street cruser with some get up and go... yes headders,exhaust, maybe x or h pipe its not much more if your getting new pipes on as it is NO air gap intake... msd or equivlent and yes rear end gears!!! and if your looking at new cam and what not comp cams has this cool program called camquest more or less just plug in what you want and it will tell you what cam you need, and also comp sells the camkits that have everything matched to your cam like pushrods @ right length ect hope that helps
  13. ah i see, ya i dont have the package in mine, going to eventually get hood and trunk light or make some thing work that looks decent
  14. Thanks everyone for the heads up for the install and pm sent!
  15. well....ran in to another snag when i had the old (wrong flywheel in) as you know from my previous posts it spun the pump gear... YAY... and when i had the shop do the repair (underwarrenty) they souposedly fixed it.. well before i cranked it up again for the 1st time i decided to look at it.... now bad news, i found out in the converter they "replaced" was for 3200 stall... way to high and not correct on top of that there was a lot if metal debris in the coverter from what looks like poor craftsmanship so i could get converter taken apart and rebuilt and cleaned or for 150 less i can get the correct converter.. so im wating on the correct converter now...another week down the tubes and not drivin the beast oh well you live and learn oh ya i looked at the pump they "replaced" to yes.. i ordered a new one of them had big wear marks in it like it was used... ugh as you may tell im venting a bit sorry for that oh ya my converter was going to be a 2200 like i ordered... stupid people waitin about a week before i even get it in... in that time maybe hid headlight kit!, badmach did that guy like the efi kit and do you know off hand what one he used im thinking down the road i later in a few years or build another 351c for that
  16. on my 302 i had a holly 600 and when it backfired once through the carb it blew out the power valve, and it drove and smelled exactley the same just my 2 cents and c9zx has some very valued points
  17. well would love to tell you but i havent finished it yet i estmated it to be about 20mpg if IF i keep my foot out of the gas, thats with 3.73 gears as well with the wide band aod gear ratio
  18. if any one has an extra laying around was thinking i might want that option like almost 40 years later, i just hope its an easy plug and play option
  19. its right north of houston. ill be there bc my car will be done in about a month...i hope
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