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  1. ya i got there honeycomb pannel for the back of mine look @ my garage i got a pic there oh and resurrection i do also have the led sequental tail lights for mine and all 3 light pannels light up, so when its sequental its all 3 not 2 there from northwestmustang.com great ppl to deal with and instructions are easy but you do need to buy new rubber for the body to light seal when you do this
  2. i ran mine from the starte silanoid (cant spell sorry) with an inline fuse through the wire loomb to the sterio, cant see it looks nice and it turns on when the car is on
  3. yes that looks awesome how did you do it and was it hard?
  4. im going to do this soon... but i dont belve the motorized flip up screens will work by the way our dash is angled. i got an extra radio bezel off e-bay i cut up and made work great for a cd player install but yes you need to make one out of fiberglass or find an old one you can cut up and make work
  5. Q wow i think you sold me on this after ur video.. wow easy, how is your ride heigth? w/o the shelby drop?
  6. Hemikiller i knew that they used that in wwII was like military power or so, to climb flast and get out/in an engaugement fast Thanks military channel! but my main thought with this is i use my truck to haul/tow things cant get a bike to haul a trailer, ditchwitch ect, dont want a desil just was looking at ways to make my truck a little bit better on mpg ie best bang for my buck maybe that methanol deal, cold air intake or something...
  7. ahh very true don, so in like 6 months it will pay for itself...... (i drive lots) and belive you me i do try and drive very consertively its this for the truck or a kn intake kit. or something along those lines Thanks for the input
  8. ya i know its like 770 for kit for the truck but like 500 for the stang but i need the car RUNNING AND DRIVING before that happens.. it will be sad a 600hp 351c gets better mpg that my fuel injected truck..... steve what rims are those? on your blue stang? and size please
  9. well... lot of parts of sbf and easy to make that hp, just have no idea with bbf never worked with it. your 302 stroke it to like a 347 and some aluminum heads headders and hydro roller cam set up, got to the comp cams website and download the program called "camquest" it will put you in the right ball park and help out a lot with cam choices, did for me and my 351c build
  10. well i was looking at this kit for my 351c and one for my 2k 4x4 4.6 f150 have been doing some research on it seems rather sound but was wondering everyones take here on it? any one use it any one know any one who has it/uses it just a bit pricy but being that i get 15mpg it might be worth it on my truck http://www.snowperformance.net/product.php?pk=76
  11. ok well here are some from sacroment mustang the global west parts http://store.sacramento-mustang.com/mustang-suspension-by-global-west-c194.aspx or if u got money or savin up like i am for this kit its the TCP or total control products http://store.sacramento-mustang.com/mustang-suspension-by-total-control-products-c193.aspx
  12. found ac brackets for the car i didnt know i had, so now there extra and for sale i post them 1st here then e-bay
  13. part # DOZA-2811-C and all the hardware that goes with it. if your know south texas its been 100+ for like 80 days, today its 89 so im doing some spring cleaning, i dont rember ordering these but i found them in a box in the garage, i will clean them up and probley paint them black its for 70-73 c i dont know about any others that it might fit maybe 351w and 302 i dont know but i do know its fits cleveland and i dont really know a price off hand just reasonably fair
  14. yup ran in to same thing doing my 302 to 351c swap...have fun!!! look at e-bay and i think its classic cougars.com or something i got all my brackets from them
  15. new 351c block...well new to you look no further http://www.ausfordparts.com/block.html great heads there to
  16. i love that stuff, it will clean all the carbon out of the headsput it in your power break booster hose, or put it in ur tank and it will help keep your carb clean, my 2k f150 stated acting up put sea foam in the intake system no problems any more
  17. ok top pic. the 2 pices in the middle, go on where the dash mounts to the frame if im not mistaken on the L shaped bracket, it holds the electrical in a bundle and the one one the right holds the antena cable, but the 2 on the outter i have absolutley no idea...sorry
  18. lol awesome but as everyone has said here before its YOURS! not anyone elses any more, if its all origional and u wanna keep it that way great! if not there are a whole boat load of mods you can do because there fineally making a bit more parts for our years, i did a lot of adding on to mine some saftey up grades ie power breaks and disc, led tail ligts so people can see me stop and hid's for the head lights, then came a 598hp cleveland, aod ect.. you get the picture
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