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  1. E0AZ-6375-A is the flex plate i need.. i think idk what one i currentley have though
  2. well im 99% finished with my aod to 351 c converson and i ran in to a problem... when i mount the torq converter to the trans it spins fine and the fly wheel to the torq converter it spins as well, then i move to install the trans to engine it bolts up fine, ok so far so good now when put the fly wheel to the torq converter it spins fine but when i bolt it up all the way and mount it all to gether i cant spin anything its locked up. i have changed converters put a new pump for my trans in and nothing. the one thing i did find is if i put 2 washers on the torq converter studs that pushes the converter out a little then it spins fine..... so im at a loss what i was thinking was maybe if i get a flater flywheel... if they make one, if you ever seel the aod flywheel it cones out a bit i might need like a flat one, any one that has done this converson please help or if you know about trans misions. even the shop thats doing the work is stumped. so any and all info is welcome THANKS!!
  3. First car is my 1972 stang and shes allmost ready....
  4. gimme a week for thats when i will get my torqconverter and then i will install it so i can DRIVE IT!!! then ill take pics and reverse lights
  5. no i dont for i didnt have the trans in it yet, installed now just havent hooked up netural saftey/reverse yet as soon as i do ill let u know asap as u can tell bright as hell ppl can see your tail lights now no question about it
  6. Question, In the garage picture, apparently the brake lights are on; do you have another photo with just the taillights on? Looks good! thats the turn signal with no brake light now brake light fyi its bright as hell cant find other blinker pic
  7. my aussie heads on the exhaust were for 4v not 2 but intake was 2v
  8. no the center one is red around the reverse light but the little reverse square the led's are clearor white i cant recall but not red in just the center if you got any questions ask http://www.northwestmustang.com/ they were EXTREMELY help full and a pleasure to do business with and i reccemond them to any one here
  9. Mr Mac when did u get ur mustag i got mine from a guy in houston he had 2 his other was a 72 or 71 mach it was green
  10. yes i have them on my car there awesome.. its all three as a break light not just the outer 2 lights, check my garage you can see them there
  11. omg.... im speachless....no one can be this stupid lol mad weed-wacker exhaust LOL LOL!! lol biger wing on that turd!! omg thats f-ing great
  12. just a little tip if your not going to keep it all factory origional... make shure the ball joints are not rivited in get the ones that are bolt in
  13. hope this hasent been dont before but... i was just wondering what made everyone here get there 71-73 instead of something else? heres mine i was 17 in 2001 needed a car, have allways wanted a muscel car, ever sence i saw vanishing point, that challenger was bad ass. then began to look up prices on classic cars, couldnt afford a lot, and i didnt like the 64.5-68 mustangs looked in to getting a 69 or70 mustang, wow still cant afford it, and looked at 67-69 camaro and T/A to much money as well and mopar...ya you have to be rich to afford them. Then one day i was in auto traider and saw this 72 mustang (now mine) for 5k looked great mechanicaly sound but was 400 miles away in houston.. did some research on our 71-73, liked the body lines style ect so made a road trip to houston like 3 weeks after i saw it, got it for5500 and drove it home and thats where i am today
  14. ive seen this car run its stupid fast and hella loud.
  15. ya good question i got a mountain dew bottle for mine.... sitting behind the headlight bucket
  16. Passanger side sport mirror glass not the whole housing just glass and that black deal that holds it all together (if that makes any sence)...what the screw holds to the sport mirror i guess u could say
  17. wow great post. have this same problem, installed new (defective) unit and couldnt get a gas reading to save my life time go give OMS a call THANKS!!
  18. wow i should have asked u a lot of questions b4 i built mine.... i did all the legwork on my own now i find theres help.... GREAT INFO now im about to do pipes on mine... what the bid deal between x and h pipes just sound?
  19. I have one that you can have for free just the cost of shipping. I got it as part of a handling kit which included front and rear sway bars. It will not fit with a ramair base. It is simply taking up space. Mike i would but im puting ram air on.... so kinda boat im in
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