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  1. oh well here's my mustang story good and bad.... I'm 27, i have had my car for 10 years, its my first car and in not sellin it nor did i rebuild it to sell it i built it for me, now before i rebuilt it, it still looked fantastic, i live in san antonio tx its like the 7th or so largest city in the us...i have gone to damn near all the car shows, cruses and rod runs around here so far from what i have seen i have the only 71-73 mines a 72, i have NEVER seen another one of our years on the road here, so for me it makes it kinda unique, on top of what i have done now with it. as most have stated before the hard core mustang fans ie 64.5-70 think its to large and what not sorry the 71 came with the 429scj :) and they handle better than there 64.5 that was made for a woman. and the old "i had one of those but mine was faster/custom form ford" kinda guy every now and again. if u look at my garage under mods u see me..well a side pic of me, yes i know i look like im 18, but thats what get me the most i have a lot of guy tell me "hey hows ur dads car?" or "ur folks know ur takin that out" kind crap thats what pisses me off to no end really, but ever one else hit the nail on the head when ur just driving from a to b, or ever around the block its a real head turner. sorry for the rant
  2. http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/2441101738.html not bad price for an all workin 351c ram air car
  3. ok well i have a 351c 4v exhaust on hooker supercomps with 3.5in collectors was thinkin of runnin a 3" xpipe with cutouts (its in jeggs and summit mag) and then neckin down to maybe 2.5 from muffler back? will that give me enough backpressure and the right size pipe? I ask for this is my 1st time doing exhaust work Thank guys and gals for the input http://www.jegs.com/i/Flowtech/387/53631/10002/-1 or this one http://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS-Performance-Products/555/30667/10002/-1
  4. how was the aode i did a aod non electronic in mine, but i had it worked through and through so all new parts, kevlar band clutches, whole kit and kabootle built it to hold 600 as for block puts out 500+. As for Turbo mine is a 351c but an aod will bold right up to any ford sb 302 351w/c and 289, not shure about fbb though?
  5. ok that sir is bad ass. i have wanted to to fule injection for a while but i havent seen it on a cleveland till now, yes please keep us updated on this i might have to look in fule injection in the near future. ya those ausie heads are the one i put on, Thanks man lookin great!
  6. thinkin of sellin my origional 302 and c4 302 has erson cam #tq 20h 1970 351w heads. petronix ignition about 90k miles on rebuild extra 302 heads come with it only problem with it is that push in studs in 351w are pullin out now c4 has shift kit no leaks shifts great never had a problem with it, changed fluid when was nessary for matinance as of now block is maited to trans still and was runing fine when i pulled it out also for sale is holly 4bbl 600 with vaccume seccondarys, im not online a lot so it might take me a while to get back to ya sorry for that
  7. have same headders ie super comp hookers on my 351c thats how i did it as well
  8. yes use high zinc break in oil then after like 500 miles change to what ever fluid u wanna use im usin amsoil, but i did use a hydro roller cam and set up
  9. thanks everyone, yes happy day. yes it is a cleveland and Will E as for specs click on "my garage" there in that for the most part
  10. awesome thanks a lot steve yes i do have drums in the rear
  11. well after many many years of workin on the car i have fineally got it started and running, now paint hood and pipes! have a few vids but the damn exaust noise blew the speaker in the video recorder...
  12. ok well im lookin at some new wheels for the moneypit and kinda stuck on these torq thrust d's or the tork thrus II from amearican raceing. but whats the widest i can go was hopeing for the rear a 16x9.5 with a 10.5 tire or so..because i have tryed and failed at measuring back spacing and all that...so i have no idea what will fit i know its a deep wheel well in the rear just lookin to go wide so i can get some traction
  13. i honestley have no idea.... but its a hydrolic roller set up cam if that helps check comp cams web site
  14. Operating Range: 2500-6000 RPM Duration Advertised: 290° Intake / 290° Exhaust Duration @ .050'' Lift: 230° Intake / 230° Exhaust Valve Lift: .578'' Intake / .578'' Exhaust Lobe Lift: 0.34" Intake / 0.34" Exhaust valve timeing 0.006 lobe seperation 110° intake centerline 106° Valve Timing @ 0.006 Lift grind #290HR I also have comp cam # 32-431-8 new never used its ahydro roller as well... dont need it i went wiht this cam instead and those hooker super comps took 4 months to get and were a PITA to install fyi but it cleared by 1 inch serousley 1 inch
  15. well i was looking to make the shock towers a little bit better braced but... will the streight brace clear a 351c and a msd distributor?
  16. howdy lou where about in south tx are u at?
  17. oh my cam number is 32-541-8 thats the hyro roller cam. think torq converter is 2200-2400 and thanks guys/gals yes look at my garage im still tryin to post some pics here in the forum no not yet im actually going to crank it for the 1st time on saturday so wish me luck i just did the base specs pluged in to that comp cam 6 deal and base will push 566hp and 556tq but till i get it broken in and on the dyno im goin with that for now there are some pics for yall
  18. hello i was just refered to the site by OMS, i have a 72 stang im the 3rd owner all texas car. im 28 its my 1st car have had it for 10 years and in the final stages of rebuilding it. here it goes was a 302 2v now 351c full hydro roller with the aussi 3v style heads holly770 vaccume 2ndarys hooker super comps rpm airgap intake alumnium water pump high volume oil pump and re-rouit kit windage tray msd ignition i think thats it for engine tranny was a c4 now aod was a PITA but worth it has auto/manual valve body shift kit and ratchet shifter rear end was 8" now 9" moser 31spline axels detroit locker with 3.73 gears weld on subframe connctors traction bars by com engenering and hd 5 leaf springs inside i put in that dakota digital dash i have lots of pics looks bad ass and main thing is YOU CAN SEE IT AT NIGHT!! outside put in full sequental led tail ligts, yes all 3 not just the outter 2 any thing else feel free to ask i look foward to helpin some of u out and reciveing the same i put pics up there in the garage i didnt know how to do them here
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