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  1. Hi Tegemus,

    Regarding the QA1Single Adjustable Rear Shock for your 71 mach 1 .....the QA! p/n for the Rear Shock is TS601 ..... this rear shock is for 1964 thru 1973 Mustangs. If you order from JEGS online they cost 159.99     shipping is free

  2. Hi Terry,

    Answer to your question regarding bonnet extension being removed.....Yes, and same goes for rear quarter extensions..left and right side. This will allow for good coverage in those areas when paint is applied. 

  3. Went with QA1 adjustable front and rear. Very happy with results. softened the rear a couple of notches and all good.
  4. Nice job, Are you going to paint the rocker panels and lower quarters black ? If so is it going to be satin black or flat black. I'm leaning toward satin..not sure what factory used.
  5. Color code is 3 which is bright red for the 71's. It is 2 stage base coat and clear over it. Base coat
  6. There are only four bolts that hold it on. 9/16 I think. The nuts are on the inside of the trunk. But first remove the license plate light bracket (two phillips screws). Just hold the bumper while you are loosening the nuts so the bumper does not drop on your feet. That's about it - really simple. I put on a new one on the Mach1 a few months ago - piece of cake. Oh - you also have to reuse the old brackets so you need to remove them from the old bumper and bolt them on the new one with those funny looking washers. Thanks, I.m removing trim from my car in preparation for the paint
  7. I am so happy to have found your post. I am removing trim and getting my car ready for paint. The drip rail trim needs to be removed along with other trim prior to prep. Regarding leaks....my right Quarter window is stationary and has always had a slow leak. I have already removed the interior quarter panels. I have a complete set of Ford Shop Manuals and no where is there any mention of how to remove trim from drip rails. Thank You so much. Outrider4 1971 Mach 1 351C
  8. Ready to replace shocks on my Mach 1. Looking at QA-1 shocks. Anyone have these on their Mustang ? Would like some feed back on this brand before pulling the trigger.
  9. I have a FiTech throttle body FI and a 14 inch air cleaner on it now. The MSD 8350 with wires installed will interfere so a 13 inch air cleaner from NPD will fix it. I HOPE Thank you for your feedback and good luck with yours. Outrider4
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I can't run a stock air cleaner. I have throttle body fuel injection and it won't fit. There is also a fractional difference in the height of your 8577and the 8350. My plan is to run a 13 inch air cleaner. Thanks again for you feedback. Outrider4
  11. Hi Canted 393, Thanks for your quick feedback. I've been looking at 13 inch air cleaner from NPD. Looking at yours is that a 13 inch diameter ? Wish I could mount my coil like yours (Blaster 2) but I've still got A/c in the way....have to stick with horizontal mount on other side. Thanks again, Outrider4
  12. I'm getting ready to purchase an MSD Distributor Ready to Run Pro-Billet P/N 8350 for my 351C to replace my old Mallory Unilite. Would like to know if there is enough clearance under the hood of my Mach 1 for this dissy with wires installed. Don't really want to modify my hood. Height from base of Dissy dissy is 8.9375. any one out there have a similar install ? would appreciate any feedback to help on this problem. Thanks
  13. Just watched a U-Tube video of 73 build. The owner is using a Heitz (don't know if that is spelled right) pressure regulator tied to his PS system to keep fluid pressure from increasing as engine revs higher. Paste this to your browser to watch the install ........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q335MzHhc8A ........ Be advised that there is more going on in this video than PS. Brakes, Clutch, et. You may have to move FF on video to get to PS segment. Hope this will help.
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