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  1. Think they should be renamed Look Cool Lights. The real reason I'm replying ....need the correct bulb number or sometimes called trade name. I can't seem to find anybody that knows the answer. Maybe you could look at one of your bulbs and give me a reply back .......much appreciate your help going forward.
  2. I am also getting ready to install Drip Assembly in week or so. I really appreciate the help from Carolina Mountain Mustang. I also have a Jim Osborn Reproduction of Body Assembly Manual for 1971-1972 Mustang. It states to use (ESB-M2G150-A) Adhesive the entire length of Retainer between Retainer and Rail. I will be using the 3M 08578 as shown in photo from CMM. Thanks again CMM for advise and detailed photos.
  3. Subject: Wiper Blades 18 inch

    Problem: Can't seem to find low profile blade assy that will clear the back of the hood. Trico has 18-1 and 18-2 listed on website but according to Trico Support they have been discontinued.

    Found one NOS Trico 48-180 blade Refill yesterday. It seems to fit wiper assy but, just went on Amazon to order another and it told me "it does not fit my car" .

    Anybody changed wiper blades lately....?  Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You,



    1. PNWMach1


      Check out Carid.com. I bought the exact model Trico (18-1) that you mention from them last year. They fit fine and clear back edge of hood. Just checked and looks like they still have them in stock.

    2. Outrider4


      Thanks you, i will check it out !!

  4. Hi Tegemus,

    Regarding the QA1Single Adjustable Rear Shock for your 71 mach 1 .....the QA! p/n for the Rear Shock is TS601 ..... this rear shock is for 1964 thru 1973 Mustangs. If you order from JEGS online they cost 159.99     shipping is free

    1. Tegemus


      Thanks for the info, Outrider4. Appreciate it.

  5. Hi Terry,

    Answer to your question regarding bonnet extension being removed.....Yes, and same goes for rear quarter extensions..left and right side. This will allow for good coverage in those areas when paint is applied. 

  6. Outrider4


    From the album: New Paint After 58 Years

    Last day before preparing to go to shop
  7. Went with QA1 adjustable front and rear. Very happy with results. softened the rear a couple of notches and all good.
  8. Nice job, Are you going to paint the rocker panels and lower quarters black ? If so is it going to be satin black or flat black. I'm leaning toward satin..not sure what factory used.
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