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  1. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. That's what I was looking for. There were several applications that Ford used an external oil cooler. I have a PI 460 that came with one and if I'm not mistaken the 429 SCJ. came with an oil cooler. Just building a new engine and don't know what it is going to do and thought I would throw out the oil cooler as I hadn't seen is discussed in any of the forums. thank you so much for all the input.
  2. Have a 351C 4V with 4 speed I am considering using an engine oil cooler. What are your thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the replies on the threaded freeze plugs. Most of us agree it seems that if you blew a push in you may lose a motor before you figured out the cause. Charrlie
  4. Screw in freeze plugs for 351 Cleveland. Surely someone has attempted this when rebuilding a motor. Looking for any tips. Charrlie
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