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  1. How many yards would you need to do the front and back seats on the deluxe interior Mach 1 seats? I have interior code GW on my 72 Mach 1 and so I might need to order some of the white comfortweave. I also need the gray vinyl striped section for my front seats. Maybe two yards of that?
  2. So I was looking on the Morton Building's site because I really need a larger garage and I recently purchased the lot behind me and eventually want to build something. This is way more than I would do but I came across this garage and I think we can all agree that this guy has GREAT taste! and ummmm...can I get a hood please or maybe a fender or two!?? lollerz Check out this link and the pics of this garage! Darwin's Garage
  3. I will be getting there late Wednesday and will be attending the events Thursday through Saturday, heading back to Florida on Sunday. I will have my grabber blue 2011 GT since my 72 Mach is nowhere near being ready for anything. I know David (Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs) will be there in his vert and have his Mach 1 on display in the museum I believe. Also Rackerm will have his newer 2014 vert and mwilson7 will have one of his newer Mustangs. We should all try and get together.
  4. I'd rather just go for this and not have to worry about all the parts and BS this guy is offering up. I'd imagine $40k is much less than what you'd spend on the rusty "rare" Boss with extra parts for purchase. https://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/d/1971-boss-351/6801916928.html
  5. I know we're all about the 71-73 Mustangs on here and Mustangs in general but I came across this on Craigslist here locally and thought it was pretty cool. I'd drive it for sure...you know...for fancy date nights. :D It's still Ford so I'm sure everyone one here will still appreciate this car and it's overall condition and yeah...that engine too. https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/cto/d/1970-mark-111-lincoln-best-in-florida/6799382866.html
  6. Do you think the shorter trunk floor would be correct for my car since I have the fold down rear seat? Also are there steps or a correct way to remove my crusty rear taillight panel? It's even worse on the inside of the trunk... It's kind of hard to find all the spot welds with how bad it is. Once I do find all the spot welds and drill them out or grind them down really good then I will need to use my air hammer?
  7. We should definitely get together. I think maybe Saturday or Sunday would be best unless everyone is attending the Hall of Fame dinner (which they still have tickets available for $60 per person). I will be at that dinner and I believe David will be as well. Otherwise Saturday and Sunday seem to be pretty open. I will also have my newer Mustang...2011 GT...because my '72 still has a long way to go.
  8. The one between the two "ribs" is definitely a crease not just an illusion. Also the other further back is the other one I'm wondering about. So far my car seems to be straight according to the measurements I've taken so I wonder how these got there. Maybe either at the assembly line or someone was playing dukes of hazard? Also I have two very small pin holes in my passenger side floor. Should I just spot weld these to fix? The other parts of my floor don't seem like they need to be replaced.
  9. Just wondering… Are these creases in the interior floor on the transmission tunnel normal?
  10. So this is good information for me as well. I have the original fan from my '72 351 CJ w/AC and from what I'm reading here I should not use that ever again?? I did have to get a new fan shroud due to a big hole at the top. Would that have been from a previous flex fan failure or would the damage have been much more substantial than that?
  11. Do you mean the Hall of Fame dinner on Friday night? I was upset when I purchased all my tickets for the event a couple months ago and they were sold out for that. I even checked with them and asked if they could squeeze me and my girlfriend in. They said no... But then yesterday I decided to email them out of the blue and asked again - this time they said they DID have seats available. So I went online and purchased two immediately! ::) I'm also signed up for the Guinness World Record Parade of Mustangs, and the Saturday night banquet at Cabarrus.
  12. So who from this forum will be at the grand opening in April? I will be there but with my 2011 GT since I have a LONG way to go on my 72. Looking forward to the event and seeing all the cars and other items on display at the museum!
  13. I wish I found your car for that price over the one I ended up buying with plenty more rust and repairs needed!! Plus mine is an automatic and yours is a manual - even better! Also I'm guessing that was a pretty rare color choice so the numbers on the deluxe marti report would probably make this a rare car in general?

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