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    1973 Mustang Fastback
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  1. actually, when they did the article, i had not road tested my car yet, so the numbers were fudged alittle. i have 3.25 rear gears at the moment and at 70 i turn 1700. i am getting ready to put in a set of 3.55's and that should put me somewhere in the 1850-1900 RPM range. i would guess and say that your idea of 3.73's or 3.89's would give you the RPM's you are looking for. i am located in Tarpon Springs. just north of Clearwater. and i couldnt believe the mileage either. had to check twice. keep in mind that's a highway reading cruising constantly at 1700 RPM's. it is still pretty good around town if i can keep my foot out of it. haha
  2. i just went to the Daytona Turkey Rod Run and i an getting around 20-22 MPG's highway. keep in mind i only have a vacuum secondary Holley 600. i love the AOD. it made my car a much better driver.
  3. when i was 15 me and my dad went searching for a nice, clean mustang fastback. we found this one locally on craigslist in pretty good condition for an original car. the paint was nice and this car is completely rust free. we immediately pulled the engine and transmission for a rebuild and to detail the engine bay. the whole underside of the car was stripped of the original undercoating and was redone along with new suspension. after we did all that, then went in the freshly rebuilt 302 wearing a fresh coat of ford blue, Flowtech headers, a Holley 4 barrel, Edelbrock intake, and a Flowmaster exhaust. when we finished all the mechanicals then it was time for interior. after we took out all the old interior we put down a layer of dynomat insulation then installed the brand new interior from national parts depot and a kicker stereo. keep in mind me and my dad did EVERYTHING on my car. no one has ever worked on it (other than me and my dad) except for Monster Transmission, who did a C4 to AOD conversion back in summer of 2012. my car has been featured in Modified Mustangs and Fords and we drive her all over Florida.
  4. hello i am 17 years old and own a 73 mach one. i registered with this website a few years ago, but never did anything else. now that my car is built i would like to show it off and also see all these other great mustangs and get tips to make mine better. here is alittle about my car.... -302(cam, intake, headers, Holley carb, flowmaster exhaust) -Monster Transmissions AOD -ford nine inch with posi -SSBC disc brakes all the way around -17 inch american racing torque thrusts -Kicker sound system and ice cold air me and my dad built my car from the ground up and then took it on the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour all the way to detroit.
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