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  1. luxstang, Thanks for your input! I love the look of your car! I know you have played with the sizes and stance quite a bit. I have never thought about the squareness of tires based on their ratio, the way you described it, but it makes perfect sense to me. I will definitely keep that in mind!
  2. Thank you so much for your input! I'm just getting into this Mustang thing, so all the input I can get is great! My car was a one-owner car, and literally EVERYTHING is still original. My boss is encouraging me to leave it all alone, and keep it as stock as possible. He says it will have more value if I leave it original. I sure don't want to devalue the car. I'm sort of stuck on which way to go, but I may just go back with the original tire size.
  3. Multipart question: 71 Hardtop, H engine Ultimately, my goal is to lower the car slightly, do 18x8's on the front, and 20x? On the rear. So, here's the questions: 1. Do I just get the lowering springs for front and rear off eBay? What am I missing here? 2. The only springs I see on eBay are like a 1" drop. That doesn't seem like much, but maybe it's enough? 3. If I go with 18x8 on the front, what are the specs I need on the wheels? 4.5" backspace with 0 offset? 4. On the rear, I would like to do 20's, but I'm not sure what width I can fit or what backspacing and offset I'd have to have. 5. When it comes to tires, with the lowering of the car, what's my max overall height of the wheel/tire that I can fit? Someone was saying 28". Is that a STRICT 28", or would something like 28.5" fit? I have seen ppl say that 245's will fit on the front, and 315's on the rear, but idk if that's with it being slightly lowered. Sorry for the extended question, but I look forward to any help I can get on this. Thanks!!
  4. Hey guys, I've found lots of helpful information on this site, so I decided to join! Everything I've seen has been positive. I have a 71 Mustang hardtop that is completely stock. I'm wanting to add a little to it, and make it my own. I look forward to getting some other opinions and help with my little project!
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