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  1. You know, we all have to be on guard when dealing with anyone, especially paint and body shops. The nature of their business is inherently crooked. Same goes for mechanics. The nature of their business is crooked and anyone that disagrees is kidding themselves. The challenge is to find the least crooked people to work with and thats a never ending challenge. You find an honest mechanic and he gets a ton of work. Then he gets a taste of the money and it corrupts them. I have huge issues with the entire "Book Time " system that most of them play by. Its a total scam. Ive seen them do it myself. They get 8 hours to drop and swap a transmission and they do it in 2 hours because they are very good at it. Then charge 8 hours to the customer. Thats dishonest and crooked and should be criminal. Thats what made me learn how to do most of my own work. You have to these days or they will bleed you dry.
  2. I really took a big risk leaving my car at the painters house for a month. Every time I went over there he had people in and out talking about jobs they wanted done and it made me very nervous. He lives in the Hood of Central Orlando but in a better part, which is still horrible. Too many people getting to see the car and it could have easily gone wrong. Thats why I decided not to take it back to let him paint the hood graphics. Plus it had to go get the entire front clip aligned and assembled properly. He took no pictures and just threw all the screws in a box. He had no clue how to properly handle a job like this on a classic car. You have to bag and tag each set of fasteners for each part you remove with lots of pictures. He didn't do any of that and it bit him in the ass big time. I doubt he will do another old car. He did an excellent job on the paint though. I ended up paying another 1500 bucks to fix his assembly issues but it was still 2k less than the body shop would have charged me. Even the good body shop has its issues. I had to get them to re-align the trunk lid and they left tape on the door seals on the passenger side and they didn't clean up the excess glue. I have to take it back and get them to adjust the rear quarter window on the passenger side because the seat doesn't contact the roll up window and you can see right thru the gap. Plus I asked them to install the new TMI door panels and that was beyond their skill level apparently. They put the clips going the wrong way and I even told them to switch the end the clip went in and they still said it was an inch off. So I told them I would deal with that. So today I put them on with zero issues. Upon close examination of the panels you could see they put the clips on the wrong side of the hole and there was no evidence that they tried them the other side, so they lied about that. I got them on and fitted in about an hour per side. I did have a to get creative getting the mirror control knob to fit but it wasn't difficult. When I got them on and told him about it he just said, well were body guys, not interior guys. I wanted to tell him that I'm not a interior guy, just a stupid redneck driver and even I had no trouble getting them on. But I didn't want to be a dick head.
  3. I think the stencil is correct now based on the results I got. Their instructions may be the issue because I think their measure of the center point didn't match up to yours. But using your position measurements I think it came out fantastic.
  4. heres a link to the stencil. https://www.graphic-express.com/1971-73-mustang-mach-1-nasa-naca-hood-paint-stencil-kit.html
  5. I need to replace the rear shocks, you can see how the ass sags a bit much.
  6. Man, I think we all have horrible luck with painters. I found a guy to paint the car at his shop in his back yard. He lives in a sketchy area but has cameras and other security measures in place. He was 2 to 3k cheaper than every shop i called and he gave me a 30 day turnaround and it was a color change to boot. So I gave him A shot solely based on his quick turnaround.. I checked with him every few days, which really irritated him, but I had to explain that he was working for me, not the other way around and I was protecting my investment by making sure he stayed focused and on schedule with my project. Then the trouble struck. He had taken the fenders to the welder for repair and left them on his trailer in the front yard while he worked in the back yard and someone stole the trailer with my fenders on it. He was a good guy and replaced them with dynacorn fenders. I didn't know how they would fit and others said they were ok. He did an excellent job on the paint and finished on time. But, he had zero talent for lining anything up straight or assembling the interior parts he removed. He put the door seals in and every single one was wrong and most of them he couldn't even figure out even with me supplying the assembly manual and many pictures. So I had to take it to another local specialty body shop to fix all the issues. The dynacorn fenders could not be fixed and are pretty poor in fitment. They are too short, not wide enough on one side, the windshield reveal area doesn't line up, the bumper and lower valence area doesn't fit good. Just so many issues that I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Im going to eventually have to find a set of original fenders to replace them. Which sucks ass. But its done now and even with all those issues the car looks amazing. Decals go on next week then its done for a couple of years.
  7. The stencil came from Graphics Express in Inverness, Fl. Just Google them. Came out great using David's reference measurements for locating the correct starting placement.
  8. my car just got back from the body shop and the hood graphics came out fantastic. I supplied them with the stencil from graphics express and they came out great. Compare that to David Fowler's 73 unrestored original and it looks great.
  9. We dropped it off at a real body shop this morning where they are going to take it all apart and put it back together correctly. Including the interior which is all jacked up at the moment. They are also painting the hood graphic. So thanks for the measurements on that!
  10. Looks like a 351 4v 4 bolt main CJ block. interesting.
  11. Damn rackerm, that is so sharp. Man I wish I had one of those too. But I already have 2 project vehicles. My wife would kill me if I got another.
  12. WOW! mach71351c that looks great. I have been dealing with my other cars this week. You know how it goes, when 1 breaks they all break. My bronco has been down for a few months and ive been dragging my feet on working on it due to working on the mustang. Now my Durango lower ball joint decided to take a shit on me and its down till i can save up money to work on it. So I had to get the bronco working asap. I finally got it done last night good enough to drive, but still needs work. Hopefully the stuff to fix it comes in today and I can wrap that up and get back on this part of the mustang project. I only have one of the channel pieces cleaned, which took half a day. Still have to clean up the other 3 pieces. Then I have to rip out the weatherstripping the painter put on because he was an idiot and clean all that up before I can get the channel and drip rail on and can put the gasket back on. Man I hate having to repeat work that should have been done right the first time.
  13. Driving it home from the paint shop was interesting. Every car that passed slowed down and looked at it hard.
  14. I have the osborn books on CD. I havnt found where these are mentioned yet. Hopefully someone thats found the nearly correct rivets will chime in.
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