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  1. You know, we all have to be on guard when dealing with anyone, especially paint and body shops. The nature of their business is inherently crooked. Same goes for mechanics. The nature of their business is crooked and anyone that disagrees is kidding themselves. The challenge is to find the least crooked people to work with and thats a never ending challenge. You find an honest mechanic and he gets a ton of work. Then he gets a taste of the money and it corrupts them. I have huge issues with the entire "Book Time " system that most of them play by. Its a total scam. Ive seen them do it m
  2. I really took a big risk leaving my car at the painters house for a month. Every time I went over there he had people in and out talking about jobs they wanted done and it made me very nervous. He lives in the Hood of Central Orlando but in a better part, which is still horrible. Too many people getting to see the car and it could have easily gone wrong. Thats why I decided not to take it back to let him paint the hood graphics. Plus it had to go get the entire front clip aligned and assembled properly. He took no pictures and just threw all the screws in a box. He had no clue how to prop
  3. I think the stencil is correct now based on the results I got. Their instructions may be the issue because I think their measure of the center point didn't match up to yours. But using your position measurements I think it came out fantastic.
  4. heres a link to the stencil. https://www.graphic-express.com/1971-73-mustang-mach-1-nasa-naca-hood-paint-stencil-kit.html
  5. I need to replace the rear shocks, you can see how the ass sags a bit much.
  6. Man, I think we all have horrible luck with painters. I found a guy to paint the car at his shop in his back yard. He lives in a sketchy area but has cameras and other security measures in place. He was 2 to 3k cheaper than every shop i called and he gave me a 30 day turnaround and it was a color change to boot. So I gave him A shot solely based on his quick turnaround.. I checked with him every few days, which really irritated him, but I had to explain that he was working for me, not the other way around and I was protecting my investment by making sure he stayed focused and on schedule wit
  7. The stencil came from Graphics Express in Inverness, Fl. Just Google them. Came out great using David's reference measurements for locating the correct starting placement.
  8. my car just got back from the body shop and the hood graphics came out fantastic. I supplied them with the stencil from graphics express and they came out great. Compare that to David Fowler's 73 unrestored original and it looks great.
  9. We dropped it off at a real body shop this morning where they are going to take it all apart and put it back together correctly. Including the interior which is all jacked up at the moment. They are also painting the hood graphic. So thanks for the measurements on that!
  10. Looks like a 351 4v 4 bolt main CJ block. interesting.
  11. Damn rackerm, that is so sharp. Man I wish I had one of those too. But I already have 2 project vehicles. My wife would kill me if I got another.
  12. WOW! mach71351c that looks great. I have been dealing with my other cars this week. You know how it goes, when 1 breaks they all break. My bronco has been down for a few months and ive been dragging my feet on working on it due to working on the mustang. Now my Durango lower ball joint decided to take a shit on me and its down till i can save up money to work on it. So I had to get the bronco working asap. I finally got it done last night good enough to drive, but still needs work. Hopefully the stuff to fix it comes in today and I can wrap that up and get back on this part of the musta
  13. Driving it home from the paint shop was interesting. Every car that passed slowed down and looked at it hard.
  14. I have the osborn books on CD. I havnt found where these are mentioned yet. Hopefully someone thats found the nearly correct rivets will chime in.
  15. I found some really small flat head brass rivets. Im going to see if they have steel too. I think they were 1/16" I don't know if thats small enough. Im Going to keep looking. I need to get a caliper and measure them.
  16. Has anyone replaced the weatherstrip guides on the roof seal trim? I see that its riveted on. Any recommendations for rivets? Is there a kit somewhere?
  17. Im really pleased how it turned out. Im slowly but surely working on it bit by bit after work, all day weekends when I can. Im cleaning up the drip rail molding now, lots of fun doing that. Someone suggested WD-40 to clean all the crap off of them. Im going to give that a Try later.
  18. Well its been a long 7 weeks, but the Calypso Coral Stang is out of the paint shop! I have a very long list of things to do now on it. First up, a trip to the body shop to get all the panels aligned and work out the issues with the sports mirrors. Then I can get the decal man over to do the stripes. After that, im putting in a new windshield and rear window. Then were going to paint all the interior pieces. Then it should be ready to drive! It looks so good. Damn!
  19. well my car is almost out of paint. The next thing I want to do is replace the windshield. Looking on NPD and CJP all I see are the cheap non-carlite windshields for the fastback. Do they still make carlite FB windshields? what is everyone using?
  20. @Kilgon THANK YOU SO MUCH! its good to know that drawing wasnt for this part. It kinda looks similar, but I couldnt make heads or tails out of it. Im running a chrome bumper so I need them. I got by the painters place yesterday to look at it and we figured out how to mount it. Im just really curious why the kit only comes with 2 screws when it clearly needs 6. I was uncertain about putting them on since they were grey. I thought, well they must make black ones for black stripe cars and Grey ones for Argent stripe cars. But that assumption was incorrect. According to
  21. well thats something at least. Im going to go check it out in a few. Maybe I can take some pictures on what we decide so maybe someone else will know in the future. Its only on cars with a chrome bumper.
  22. my car is just a humble sportsroof car. It had chrome side molding, chrome hood accents, chrome head light trim and chrome front bumper. Its in the paint booth now getting painted and I had them weld closed all the body side molding holes. Im going to dress it out as a mach 1 when its finished, but it will still have all the chrome on the front. I thought about replacing it all with painted parts but I'm just going to keep it chrome. Eventually I'm going to put new bumpers on it front and back. I kind of like the look, though I wish I could have another set to have them paint so I could s
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