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  1. Its definitely got a learning curve, I'm still trying to find everything. I miss the shortcuts that show today's content. I can get it now its just not as convenient as it was.
  2. damn, this is definitely on my short list of projects. My windshield leaks, and the previous owners filled the entire space around the windshield with some kind of soft putty. The windshield is so scratched and pitted its like it sat at the beach facing the ocean during a hurricane. It wont clean well and you can hardly see at night with all the glare. I never considered trying to put it in myself. It might not be that bad of a job. Though ill probably call safelite to come do it. My A pillar got painted in the same spot last time it was painted. Its in the paint booth right now getting painted again but I left the windshield installed. So once its out I will be able to black that paint out before I put it back in. Did you use a replacement carlite windshield?
  3. you have to reverse what bent it. Someone probably gently ran into something while parking and it bent at the center contact point. My rear bumper is like that. I have bumper guards and Someone thought that would make it ok to push it with another car, long before I owned it. The center is pushed in and the ends stick out. Easy fix for me because I can buy a new one for $100, but you guys are screwed and have to salvage what you got. One of my next projects is a new front and rear bumper. The main problem will be getting the giant Phillips head screws drilled out to get them loose from the brackets. Im not looking forward to that, but at least I can do it on a bench and put the torch to it.
  4. I'm getting ready to install the front fenders. I got these fender to bumper filler pieces and I don't know how they go on. I'm sure someone here knows exactly what I need to do, so please help me out. All I find in the assembly manual is below. The part that came in has a 2 screws, a bracket with 2 holes, and the part has 4 holes. I see how the bracket goes i think, but its only held in by 1 screw apparently, unless something else bolts to or thru it. The diagram only shows the 1 screw per part. any help on how to put this on would be fantastic. Especially with pictures. Is this right for the bracket? Or does it go on the other side of the rubber flap.
  5. As you can see I'm right on the radiator tabs. Its like that on both sides. No modifications required.
  6. I use one on mine and had no issues with the mounting brackets.
  7. Ive been thinking about wheels for a while now. I a bit fuzzy on the difference between Torque Thrust Original, Torque Thrust D, and Torque Thrust 2. I am wondering if 15x8 4.5" back spacing will fit both front and back. If so, should all 4 tires be the same size. I know alot of people run skinnier tires up front and fatter tires in the back, im just not sure if thats what im looking for or not. Also what size lug nuts do I need for these?
  8. Which color red is correct for a 71 mach 1 like below? According to this paint chip sheet there are 2, Red T (A-1782R, E-1782R), and Bright Red 3 (Pinto Red) (A-2433R, E-2433R)
  9. Thanks for the info. Im not going to use it, but I will take it off and save it. Im also removing the body side molding which is in really good shape.
  10. Does anyone make the chrome trim that goes on the back end of the hood by the windshield?
  11. I finally got a hood. It was in excellent condition. It's still not lined up perfectly but its good enough to get it to the painter.
  12. Im going to start tearing the mustang apart for paint soon. I was looking thru the assembly manual and I noticed that there is supposed to be a strip of ESB Sealer on the top of the apron. Is this going to make it difficult to remove the fender? I dont want to bend it. Sealer tape
  13. Cool. I was thinking I would let it dry for at least a month. I would rather go long than short. I ask because, I painted the cowl on my Bronco several years ago, and I only let it dry overnight. Then I installed it, closed the hood, and I didnt have it pushed all the way up in place and it caught the hood and damaged the paint. So I know that paint is soft for some time after painting and I know that I dont want to apply the decals while its still soft. Looking at the TDS on the clear that's going to be used, Flash (after 1st coat) 10-15 minutes Flash (after 2nd coat) 15-20 minutes Out-of-Booth 30-60 minutes depending on temp Deliver/Polishing/Recoating 16-24 hours they dont say anything about anything past 24 hours. So waiting 30 days after will only make it that much safer. I may even wait a few days before putting anything back together just to let the coating gain some strength and stability.
  14. The most frustrating and infuriating thing about getting old is not being able to do something you know damn well you could do just a year or two ago. This is something I am having to come to grips with, and im having a very hard time with it. Good luck David. I hope you feel better soon.
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