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  1. Where can I locate one of these templates?
  2. How long do you generally need to let the paint cure before putting on the stripe kit?
  3. I was looking around and thinking about the hood graphics, is there a template anywhere? David Fowler said the templates are all wrong, which I don't doubt. I would like a template though even if it's not exactly correct. I can use his hood as a reference to correct errors in the template.
  4. Good advice Mike, I have planned on doing all of that. Ive been thru this process on my Bronco, It helped tremendously. One thing I learned from that project is, you can Never take too many pictures. No matter how many you take, theres always another angle you wish you had when your putting it back together. Im all for bag and tag. Im just trying to decide if its worth the trouble to take the doors off. I think my hinges are OK. The door lines up good and isnt hanging on the striker. I may leave it on, but I will always know theres shitty paint under the hinges and it will irritate me.
  5. I ordered the Osborn books, couldnt find anyone with the body assembly book in stock but I found a CD on ebay.
  6. Thanks David, Your help is always appreciated.
  7. OMS Don, Do you have these? "I'd recommend you pick up the Osborne assembly manual for 71/2, it has exploded diagrams of many of the items you're asking about, and the Body manual in the 71 Shop Manual does as well."
  8. Hemikiller, Its a regular fastback non-mach 1 car. Im converting it over to full Mach 1. Don, Thanks, I will be extra careful with the side molding. We plan to remove it and weld it closed. Im going to have to figure out how to remove the clips from the inside. Since the doors and fenders are coming off, it shouldnt be rocket science.
  9. Looking at weatherstrip. Where does the rear window weatherstrip go? Does the rear window come out to replace this? If so, ill pass on this one as its not leaking and it can be taped. Where does this one go? And do I need to replace it? Think I will need this too?
  10. It will be so nice to get the hodge podge assortment of decals removed and correct decals applied. I wanted to ditch the 69/70 spoiler and put the correct one on but my son likes it being different.
  11. My 71 is nearing its date with the paint shop and I need help to figure out what parts I need to change while its somewhat taken apart. I know there are many parts that probably should be changed while its apart for paint. So Im asking for some advice on what all of you guys have replaced while your car is apart for paint. Here is what I plan on removing, If im missing anything please let me know. If im going too far, let me know that too. Coming apart plan. Front bumper - Remove 2 bolts each side that bolt the bracket to the frame. Remove and stash Chrome Strip across front of Hood - No idea how this is fastened, I assume theres bolts, are there replacements? Grill and headlight doors (Rings) - Done this before, just needs cleaning Chrome Strips on front of Fenders - There seems to be some black plastic in there and Im not really sure how these come off. Any help would be great. Do these come off before or after removing the fender? Front Side markers - Simple enough Remove Hood Latch/grill brace mechanism - What is the correct Color? Remove lower Valence/Stone Guard Headlight Buckets - They look like ass and id really like to blast and paint them, worth the trouble? Or should I buy replacements? Correct Color? Windshield Trim - Not exactly sure how this comes apart. I assume theres a Hook tool you use to release clips. Ive done it on my Bronco, but it was a pain in the butt to figure out. Chrome Above the doors - I think this just screws on Front Fenders - I would like to remove them. Remove Antenna, Clean up inside, prime, paint with bedliner inside. Inspect/replace splash shields. Should I re-use the original fender bolts or replace them? Doors - Remove the doors for pre-paint and jambs and to generally clean the inside and inspect for rust. Bed line the inside bottoms for protection. Change all weather strips, lube window regulator, inspect parts for wear. Remove door handles and latch mechanism, remove mirrors, sand and paint. How do you know if you should replace the hinges? Are the replacements any good? Quarter Windows - Remove, remove trim, remove weather strip and replace. Hood - Remove, Blast and Paint Hinges/springs - What is the correct color? Body Side Molding - My car has Body side molding. This is the main reason I want to remove the front fenders and doors. The holes have to be welded shut and ground to shape. This is my biggest worry. Rear Window Trim - Hook tool again? Rear Spoiler - should be straight Forward Trunk Key lock mechanism - Should be Straight Forward Rear Tail light filler panel and gas cap - Done that before Rear Tail Light housings - Replace Gasket, Clean and inspect, Paint black accents - Correct Color and finish? Flat Black? Remove rear Side Marker Lights Remove rear Bumper Remove rear Quarter Extensions - Replace Gasket I want to make this job go smoothly. So Im trying my best to be prepared. Any help would be great.
  12. Hey, Mine is getting ready to go into paint. Its never been apart as far as I can tell. I know there will be parts I need once it comes apart. Can you give me any insight into what you found needed replacing on yours? I would like to at least make a list of possible things I will need and have a source with them in stock ready to go if I need anything. You can post a reply to my thread here. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-preparing-for-paint
  13. I have been fighting this problem for a while now. I rebuilt my distribution block. still leaked. put on a new switch, still leaked. Got a aftermarket proportional valve, switch still leaked. I have the new switch that im installing now, hopefully it wont leak..
  14. Mine is going into paint in the next month, do you have measurements?
  15. Still looking, preferably within driving distance of central Florida
  16. I dont have any direct experience with them, but they are great compressors. I have a few friends that run them on different vehicles. I have no idea how the bracketry in the kit will fit though.
  17. cant wait to see the final design, they look like fantastic quality shirts.
  18. Is there a reason the drill bit has to be 12" long? Seems like you would be fine drilling it with a standard length bit, but I dont know.
  19. I bought 2, make sure they are awesome! I know they will be.
  20. I put a Redhead in my Bronco. Man what a difference. They do excellent work.
  21. I got the one off ebay. It looks pretty stout. It also came with an instruction page. One thing I like. You remove the shock, bolt on the tool, tighten up the top nut. then raise the car. The spring will already be compressed enough to remove the lower control arm. So that makes it pretty simple. Cant wait to try it out on saturday.
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