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  1. CJ sent me #44370. They assured me it was the right pipe. It hangs way too low and it is too long. NPD has a #44369 but it looks identical to the 44370. I'll keep trying. TNX again Roy
  2. This has long-ceased to be funny. Mustangs Unlimited sent me an intermediate exhaust pipe for a '71 with a DUAL exhaust---too long. Will not fit. Today I got one from CJ Pony parts. Once again they insisted on sending one for a DUAL exhaust. It came from Pennsylvania. I suppose they are still confused whilst trying to count votes.
  3. I think you are right. I think maybe MU sent me the pipe for a dual exhaust.; From the pix, it looks like maybe they are just a bit longer than the single intermediate pipe. TNX, Mate Roy
  4. I got the p/n wrong. It is a 44369. I inquired to NPD and theirs is about same length 37 & 3/4". TOO LONG !!!!! All the parts suppliers insist this is the right intermediate exhaust pipe. NEGATIVE !!! I feel very frustrated but I am not going to let this get the better of me.
  5. The present intermediate pipe is about 35 inches long (89 cm). That is too long and it hangs really low. Something is wrong and I highly suspect I have the wrong pipe. Does anyone know how long this thing should be?
  6. 1973 Mustang 351 Cleveland 2V Single exhaust Hi folksl I am restoring my '73 and bought an exhaust Pipe (p/n 4469) but it hangs way too low and when I tried to install the silencer I found out that it is also too long. Does anyone know what the actual length of the Intermediate Pipe for the 351 2V is supposed to be? This is definitely NOT the right one. I am thinking that perhaps this one goes to a dual exhaust. TNX Roy
  7. Hi All; The front seats of my old Tang are a total write-off. I have been looking for some blue upholstery that is original design but found none. Any ideas where I could find some of the original pattern? Roy
  8. 1973 Mustang 351 Cleveland 2bb, Code H Hi all My old Tang is running really good. Still got a few issues but now it is time for her to get her own battery (not robbed from the Ute). The bat compartment I think is the size for a 27F. Trying to keep the old girl original. What would you recommend as a suitable battery? Roy
  9. Hi Folks; The RH (pax side) Fender Apron has had 46 years of battery acid damage. You can imagine how bad it is. Thankfully CJ Pony parts has a replacement apron. Now then what is the best procedure to remove it? I am sure I must remove the exterior fender but how many spot welds am I going to have to break? I have a feeling this is not going to be as easy as it looks. Roy
  10. 1973 Mustang 351 Cleveland 2V Hi All; I need a new Battery for my old 'Tang. The tray appears to be the size of a 27F bat. I've been looking around town for an exact fit but it appears technology has marched on and those size bats a a bit rare and for specialty use. I would like to keep it "stock" but that may not be possible. Also, I would like to pay a little less than a fortune for a battery. What is the best battery for the '73? any ideas or suggestions. Roy
  11. Now the exhaust pipe will not fit on because the silencer is too far aft and the exhaust has to loop over the axle. I really need to get this sorted-out. I could have rented it out several times this summer to Movies being made in Atlanta. This exhaust thing is all that is standing between me and having it fully operational. Any ideas? Roy
  12. I finally forced the muffler into position and secured it. Now the tail pipe won't fit because the muffle is too far aft and the pipe has to loop over the axle. The only thing I can think of is I have the wrong exhaust pipe connected to the "Y" pipe, but I was assured it was the right one. Any ideas? Call it ego but I am not going to let this get the better of me. Roy desu
  13. '73 Mustang 351 Cleveland 2V single exhaust. Jut got back in the country and back to same old problem. The Exhaust system is brand new but hangs very low. I can push it up into position but it takes about 45lbs to get it there and it i definitely in a bind. I've tried to adjust "Y" pipe, and reposition exhaust pipe. There isn't much more room for the "Y" pipie to go any higher. Any ideas? Roy desu
  14. Thanks. As old as this old Tang is I am surprised the pulse mechanism still works. This is a relatively new float (installed August 2018) but it sounds like what the Prob is. TNX
  15. 1973 Mustang Code H I went out for a short jaunt tonight and noticed the fuel gauge read very slightly above peg-low. Stopped and got petrol and there was no measurable change in gauge reading. When I got home I checked voltage to the fuel tank sending unit. It was PULSING ! About 1.5 Hz with peak voltage around 7 or 8 Volts D.C. This CAN'T be normal !!! Any ideas?
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