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    1973 Mustang Mach 1
    351c with auto trans
    Slotted aluminum wheels


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  1. I joined not long back and posted a couple of photos of a '73 Mach 1 I recently aquired. Well, I finally got the ugly beasty home and started tearing out the seriously toxic interior so I wouldn't die from some mysterious disease while working on it. This is defenitely the beginning of a very long road so I thought I'd share some photos of the start of this journey.
  2. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I moved into a realy small town about 5 years ago and the very first thing I noticed was this Mach 1 sitting in one of the back yards. Most of the guys in town I had made friends with are cars guys to one degree or another and had tried to get a hold of it on and off over the years with no luck. So color me suprised when a month or so ago I see the thing pop up on craigslist. Well I let that month pass and the listing went away but the car was still there, so I figured what the heck I'll stop in and ask. Long story short, we struck up a deal and now I need to pull the beast over to my place. Unfortunately we just had a nasty snow storm and now its buried under a foot of snow. And as far as the color, just gonna rattle can it so as to keep from getting nauseous while I work on it.
  3. Was doing some research about a rather fugly 73 Mach 1 I recently got a hold of at what I think to be a decent price when I found this forum. I must say the knowledge contained herein is astounding. I'm sure that a little time combing through the forum and asking the right questions and I will be well on my way to getting this car looking the way it should. Untitled by pestilence2010, on Flickr Untitled by pestilence2010, on Flickr
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