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  1. Well thought I would update you guys. I top off the diff fluid. I was able to put in about 5 oz in there. I checked some of the things you guys suggested and the tranny mount could be replaced. It definitely has seen better days. I also realized something. When I drive it at a cruising speed of around 50 mph and I mash the gas I can hear what suppose it's the tranny shifting under the added torque. Changing the motor mounts would be a good idea too since I get a bit of wheel hop if I try to launch from a stop. Ever since I tuned the engine I started noticing more issues. The engine has never been so peppy which has made noticing issues easier.
  2. This might be a little hard since they're staggered but maybe I can try a different set of wheels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah I think you're right. Not my car btw. Found the car online lol. But she is nice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. How about using the reverse lights from a 69 Mach 1.
  5. Thanks for the starting points guys I'll check that stuff out. The lugs are 60* acorn style which seemingly centered the wheel fairly well. I was just thinking it might be off by a fraction of an inch. The vibration happens going over 40 mph whether it's under load or not. It's fairly constant but it almost feels like it skips a rotations if that makes any sense.
  6. So I've been driving my 72 around after it sat for 10 years and I hear/feel this vibration coming from the rear floor area at speed. A bit of background on the car, the tires and wheels are new that were in storage for about a year before I put them on the car. I had the car aligned and she drives pretty straight with no vibrations on the steering wheel. The suspension is new as well. The only thing that I think might cause it is the wheels not being centered. The bore on the wheel is bigger than the hub. I went to buy rings for them but the guy at the tire shop insisted that wouldn't cause it and said I should get the drive shaft checked. I supposed it could be that but I'm going to order the rings just for peace of mind. What do you guys think? I apologize if this has been covered. I didn't find anything.
  7. Wow that looks great! Looking forward to seeing the taillights. I've fiddled with a home made vacuum box and I wish I had more projects to put it to use.
  8. If it's a Motorcraft dizzy, factory in other words, the springs are supposed to be different with 1 strong spring that will be just a bit loose and 1 lighter spring that will have tension on it. Lots of posts on timing and even more "discussion" on the subject. The search button at the top right is a great tool to find things out. I found this website useful, www.bob2000.com/dist.htm . There is a great post from 72HCODE just yesterday where he describes timing so even an idiot can do it. (Not saying you are an idiot though!!) I'll check that post and edit this. Good luck with it and have fun, Geoff. Found it! PORTED VACUUM by timsweet page 2 & 3. A great read from 72HCODE. covers mechanical timing and vacuum advance. Those were really good read. I think I'm going to try full manifold vacuum and see if the engine likes it. Thanks for the links.
  9. Cool Hand Luke is delicious. Unfortunately I didn't get to go up there. My gf and I took her kids to the snow. I'll be going to the Selma swap meet for sure though. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Check your tires. They could be flat-spotted from sitting so long... or some unwanted critters could've taken up residence on the inside surface of the rim - even fractions of ounces can throw wheel balance off, after all. Thanks for the tip. The wheels and tires are new though. I got them last year and had them in storage. I guess it doesn't hurt to get the balance checked again. I'm hoping it's not the drive shaft or rear end. Anyone have experience with that being bad as far as symptoms?
  11. Hey guys I was searching and couldn't find anything on custom fan shrouds. I got a new radiator I'm getting ready to drop in with a pair of 12" fans. I was thinking about fabricating an aluminum shroud but then I had the idea of using plexiglass with an aluminum frame. Who has a custom shroud? Would love to see some ideas and pointers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Drove my 72 coupe 20 miles for the first time in 10 years. Ran good but would stall when coming to a stop. Adjusted the floats and then she ran pretty good. I noticed a wobble at speed coming from the rear. Not sure what it could be though. Ironing out the kinks is gonna take some time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Well since no one else has chimed in I'll tell you what I would do if I was going the same route you are. I would start by cutting the front springs (I know it's not recommended) maybe 1/2 a coil. I believe the springs that are offered only drop the car 1". To lower the rear you would need lowering blocks. One thing worth mentioning. If the springs you have now are the original ones from 1971 they might be sagging already. Getting lowering springs might not change the height if that's the case. I'm not sure on the wheel specs. I'll have to look at mine to be able to compare. It's all about backspace. I test fit a 20x10 with a +35mm offset just for kicks and with the proper spacing it could work. Maybe a 0 offset. The tire on that wheel was a 275/35 I believe. The tire I have back there now is a 29" tire (ordered wrong size) and it doesn't have any issue on the stock suspension. I re did my entire suspension last year btw. I think you need to ask yourself what do you want more, A lowered car or big wheels. Not saying both can't work but I think you should do the most important thing first. Big wheels fill out the wheel gap nicely but could make the stance look bad so lowering might be necessary. I have seen it done before though.
  14. Thanks guys. I just got back from the dmv to get her back on the road. Spent Sunday tuning the carb and cleaning the distributor. I'm not a fan of the dizzy. To be honest I'm not even sure what it is. I just know it's vacuum advance and the springs inside are mismatched lol. The PO seemingly butchered this car and pieced it back together. Despite all of this she starts right up and runs fairly well with no hesitation.
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm from central California btw. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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