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  1. I bought my 73 vert in Phoenix, 2 overnights back home to Houston. I called the hotels before booking and told them I was driving a classic car and needed safe parking. Like you, I stayed in nice hotels and each one was very happy to accommodate me. Each of them reserved a parking space for me (put reserve orange cones on it) in a good safe place and one hotel even said their security team was aware and would check on it.
  2. Thanks for that. I downloaded only the 73 diagrams and never thought to look at the other years so now I've downloaded all 3 years and its all very helpful. I'm going to have to do a lot more tracing of hoses! Thanks
  3. I like the idea of getting this locally so I'll give my NAPA a go! Thanks for the tip on painting it. Where I live I don't get to many swap meets. Thanks for the picture as well. I also don't have that black plastic elbow from the air cleaner to the fresh air intake on the RHS rear valve cover. The hose is there and a grommeted hole on the air cleaner but no elbow. I'll try NAPA for that too. Thanks a lot.
  4. I'm familiar with rockauto and followed your link; from the description of 3/4" x 36" long it looks like the right one but the pickure and the rest of the description is for the larger diameter Exhaust Manifold to Air Cleaner hose. Wierd!
  5. Hello I have a 73 vert 351C-2v (H code) with A/C. I'm putting back to original and I cant find the proper hose from the carbon canister to the air cleaner on any of my parts sites. I know its not just a normal rubber one, its kind of one of those ribbed softer hoses I believe. anybody know what I could use that would look like original? Also on my air cleaner; the hose that goes from the bi-metal switch on the horn on the outside of the air cleaner goes to another switch inside of the air cleaner, connected up underneath it but the other switch port there underneath is just plugged off. (its not on the vacuum hose diagram and my manuals only refer to the bi-metal temp valve on the air cleaner snorkel and not that other one that's mounted inside the air cleaner). I cant seem to find out where it should go to. If anyone has it hooked up on theirs maybe you could enlighten me. Thanks JK
  6. I recently replaced my pump motor/reservoir cause my old one leaked. Mine calls for Type F. Until I replaced the pump, I was filing it twice a year and the leak made a mess in my trunk. I see earlier post suggestion of using a turkey baster - thats a good idea, I used a very small funnel and pored only an once or two in at a time. Air in the lines is the bad thing here for sure.
  7. I'm in the same situation i.e. does a guy buy replacement parts or paint and deal with the chrome trim problem. Real interested in how some of the options for the chrome turn out......
  8. If your the type who only hang onto a car for a few years then move on to another classic car then leave it alone as you will never get all your money out of it. But if your like me and will hang onto it forever then make it "just the way you want it" !
  9. I agree with the comments from David - my top is worn badly where it comes close to the chrome on the drivers side and it looks terrible specially when my top is white and the damage looks black from the black interior of the vinyl top. I've adjusted the spacing on both sides and its good but the damage is done (previously before i purchased the car). Now i'm thinking i will take the top off and try and get it fixed in that 2 inches of damage on the "cord" maybe an upholstery shop or even a friend of mine mentioned boat shops often repair similar tops.
  10. Sorry all - tied up for a bit. Thanks to all for the tips and info!
  11. hey guys thanks for the fast replies kill switch might just do the trick - you say your about to install it - did you just find it on the host of supply sites or did you find it at a place that specializes in auto security? I'll post some pics as suggested but i do need to take some better ones
  12. Hello all I'm new at this posting thing so hope I'm doing this right. This is a great site, fun and helpful. Wondering if anyone has put a security system in their ride? even though mine is a rag top I would still like to have the comfort of knowing it won't be stolen. I've got an out of town car show to attend in August and the thought of having "Ginger" left in the hotel parking lot for 2 nights is a little scary. Any thoughts out there as to best and affordable alarm systems?
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