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  1. I’m looking at going with the Holley Sniper efi kit. Everything seems pretty easy and straight forward except how and where to run a return line. It appears that there is a vapor/breather line that runs from the tank up to the engine bay. Can you use this as a return and then use a vented cap? Or do I need to drop the tank, drain the fuel, then drill a hole to install a fitting?
  2. 1972 Mach 1 VIN-2F05Hxxxxxx I brought this car home with intentions of parting it out but do not have the heart to strip a 99% complete car(missing 1 hub cap). The registration in the glove box was from 1989 so I’m assuming it has sat for 30 years. 351 Cleveland 2V Air conditioning Deluxe Interior Tach w/ 3 center dash gauges. Mach 1 urethane front bumper in real nice shape Perfect glass! Rocker panels are solid Guy that had it before me said he had it running not to long ago with fuel pumped into the carb from a jug. Obviously will need some work...quarters and floors do have some holes but this thing is in real nice condition compared to others I’ve seen. It will need picked up in Mendon, IL as I no longer have a trailer. $4000 OBO-no clue what it’s worth, make offer Does have a clean IL title. Call or text 217-653-3355 May even take trade depending on what ya got - hot rod, any Mustang, built 302 or performance parts.
  3. i am looking to drop the rear of my car with springs, lowering blocks or a combination of the two. Looking for about 2” total. Questions is, will I run into a pinion angle problem? 302 w/ C4 if that’s makes a difference.
  4. Love mine. It isn’t a buy & bolt on piece. It’s cut to fit and took a couple hours to get exactly how I wanted it.
  5. Hey guys, anyone know the inverted flare size on the trans cooling lines(trans side)?Plan on replacing about 12 inches of them, then compression fittings to -6 hose to the radiator. I’m assuming 5/16 brake lines with the correct fitting will do? Do they even sell those? Lol Thanks in advance....again! This site is a life saver
  6. i am wanting to replace the stock steering hoses with some #6 Aeroquip fabric braided hoses. Anyone know the fitting sizes for the steering box? Also, went with a Saginaw pump...fitting size on it? Thanks in advance guys! Best forums on the planet!
  7. Sweet, thanks for the help guys. Didn’t want to buy something with too much or too little pressure.
  8. I am planning on buying a March Pulley system and looking at power steering pump options. Will any of these aftermarket pumps work on my 71 or are there different pressures that I need to look at? March sells a sweet billet Saginaw style pump and not sure if it’ll work. Currently have the “corporate” pump on my car. Thanks in advance guys, any help appreciated.
  9. I am completely rewiring my 71. Looks like my American Autowire system has 1 hot wire to a heat switch. Anyone help me with a diagram of how to wire it into the switch, then to the fan? Switch has 4 wires and fan has 3.
  10. i am installing an Autometer fuel level gauge in my car along with a complete American Autowire system. Both Autometer and AA have 1 wire running to the sending unit. So, why 2 wires coming from the sending unit? The other a ground?
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