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  1. Finally i found one used but good condtion on E-bay. The difficulty is because this part is on ly for air conditioning cars and it is not fabricated ! Anyway thank you all for your fast and great help
  2. Hi no answer this morning nobody has an idea about this cable ? whats its name exactly ?
  3. Hi everibody, i'm now in need of this cable for my 73, like you can see the atach is broken . May be somebody can help ? where may i find this cable for selling ? Thank you Anyway thank for your answers !
  4. Thank you carolina i just have had his e-mail adress so i'll contact him
  5. Hi cwalker509 would you have always this part for selling ? Thank you all for your help so precious ! i will contact him soon ! Thank you again
  6. Hi cwalker509 would you have always this part for selling ?
  7. Hi Carolina Mustang i would now need this part you showed a little time before, it's the BATTERY TRAY REINFORCEMENT BRACKET . Is it available somewhere ? Maybe somebody has an idea ? Thank you ! :
  8. Thank you for your answers , pictures and explanations ! i will do my best when working on roof rails !
  9. Hi everibody , i'm restoring my mach one and may be someone has pictures of the space between roof rail and the molding originally. Like you can see, on mine there is is a sealing painted on the color of the car and i'm not sure it was like this originally. And also how is it at the end of the quarter glass ? Thank you in advance for your answers !
  10. amach_one


    Wonderful work ! I'm myself on the same process and hope to be so good ! I think time and patience are needed ...bravo again !
  11. That's right these panels have not good fitting on fastback at least. The problem is on the door jamb, along the quarter window and the poor material used. Myself, I bought it and now would prefer to give my original olds to a specialist to be covered with vynil....
  12. Hi i'm looking for this kit : AMK MASTER BODY KIT FOR 1973 (398 pieces) Do you sell it ? If yes, can immediately buy but would want a correct shipping price ! nor 100 $ nor 200 $ (if i buy on AMK site that's the price !!!!! ) Thank you for your answer. Alain
  13. Thank you for th air cleaner but i do need it while i have myself the original of my car.
  14. Thank you also for the pictures explaining how and where to drill to remove the panel. I will show that to the bodyworker ! more i'have infos, the better it is
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