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  1. Hi Mike send me the picture i would also need motor mounts those i installed are not like the original was and my engine is too low. And have been obliged to cut a little the fan shroud ....
  2. Thank you for your answers , pictures and explanations ! i will do my best when working on roof rails !
  3. Hi everibody , i'm restoring my mach one and may be someone has pictures of the space between roof rail and the molding originally. Like you can see, on mine there is is a sealing painted on the color of the car and i'm not sure it was like this originally. And also how is it at the end of the quarter glass ? Thank you in advance for your answers !
  4. amach_one


    Wonderful work ! I'm myself on the same process and hope to be so good ! I think time and patience are needed ...bravo again !
  5. That's right these panels have not good fitting on fastback at least. The problem is on the door jamb, along the quarter window and the poor material used. Myself, I bought it and now would prefer to give my original olds to a specialist to be covered with vynil....
  6. Hi i'm looking for this kit : AMK MASTER BODY KIT FOR 1973 (398 pieces) Do you sell it ? If yes, can immediately buy but would want a correct shipping price ! nor 100 $ nor 200 $ (if i buy on AMK site that's the price !!!!! ) Thank you for your answer. Alain
  7. Thank you for th air cleaner but i do need it while i have myself the original of my car.
  8. Thank you also for the pictures explaining how and where to drill to remove the panel. I will show that to the bodyworker ! more i'have infos, the better it is
  9. Thank you for your answers . Ok i note the name of the front fender support which is effectivelly welded to the fender itself. But the name is important while the part for sale on e-bay is for 71-72 and i think to have yet readen that the fenders are not the same in 73 than in 71-72. So, i will contact ohio mustang while i'm looking for a left one . For the story , finally after seeing and discussing with the professional the car will be taken soon by a truck to go direect to the bodyshop. I think it's better for me, i'm not ready myself for doing that and the job will be done corre
  10. I don't see where this part is at all. I'will see it going further in my work on the days coming. I also have a bodywork professional teacher who will come and see the vehicle and we will discuss about it tomorrow !!! Because there, I feel a little lost, the work that has to be done in the end are beyond my skills! and i worry about the presence of the engine for changing the inner fenders both sides...will it be possible with the engine in place ? i do not see the part cercled in red nowhere on the web but found it is the ref : 16D003 ford part on a plan ..but 16D003 seems to be not ex
  11. Okay, I didn't wait to get started ... and I'm there for the moment and I would like to know if this part (circled in red on the photo) which is part of the front fender sells on it independently of the whole fender? and what is the name of this part ? it seems to be welded to the fender . Anyway after seeing closely i also want to change the two inner fender splash shields because the metal is also chewed on deriver side and also on passenger side....the job become harder tahn i was imaginating..I think will make coming home a professional for help ! Thank you everibody for your h
  12. Nice car David it's a chance to have bought it new and always keeping it ....47 years ....!! i bought mine 32 years agos but before, in Floirida it had a life ....unknown life...like you see
  13. Thank you all for your answers . It's great help for me to have some advices and thank you to David for the pictures with which i can clearly see how it was originally. That's what i wanted to be sure !! I 'm not professional so i will begin slowly removing first the grille, front valance and fenders...it seems to be a bigger job than the one i was imaginating but with courage and patience all is possible...Thank you again !
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