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  1. Hello CMM and thank you too for your answer. Yes i think is very amazing while it is the part sold everywhere for a replacement ....do not know what do to do , i think to put a cache while it is perfectly working like you are telling. it's just enervant like you can imagine... :@ would like my car to be perfect ! :).... Best regards from France ::thumb:: . AAB
  2. Hello Don C and thank you for your answer, i did not intsall it dented but brand new. What is strange is that it is the canister sold for replacing the original one on Mustang 73' . I do not think it is for show only . But your explanation ( More vacuum than the cannister was built to handle) seems to be credible. In this case has somebody an idea where i can find a real good one ? :-/ all mustang shops are selling the same ...and now i do not want to rebuy it...I'm in France and the cost is X by two for shiping and tax duties ...so naturally i do not like to buy parts which wi
  3. Hi, i just installed a new A/C canister on my 1973 mustang. It was working perfect and i decided to drive the car for a ballad . Then coming back home i opened the hood and i saw the new canister (while always working) in this shape (see picture) ! so now i would want to undertstand what could happen ? this part is expensive and if i buy again a new one i naturally do not want this to hapen a second time. What is your advice if somebody have one ? Thank you in advance for your answer. Regards.
  4. Very nice work ! and very interesting to know ! thank you !
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