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  1. Nice! Like the green metallic and the Led lights. What brand is it? Post some pics when complete.



    It's one of the fisher price power wheels car. It was originally blue when my oldest son was younger he had it. Now I'm rebuilding it for my youngest. Got to make some battery brackets and tidy up the wiring and should be good to go. We painted it the factory grabber green from the new boss 302 cars and actually used the tri coat paint.



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  2. Yeah but that's how it is :) how much are you asking for it when it's finished? :)



    To be honest we aren't sure. Still ordering parts lol. What started out as putting in interior and installing the new drivetrain has turned in to pretty much a complete nut and bolt. It's been totally disassembled and everything refurbished.



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  3. On all rear lights on our 72 they are spatter painted on the bottom of the tail lights and markers you can see some of the white housing but they also have some sound deadner from the quarters sprayed on them also. When the marker lights were removed you can see the exterior body color.



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  4. I have a can of the closest color I could match to a service replacement canister I have.  It was still covered by the original cardboard sleeve so not sun fade.  I bought 2 cans of the paint that matched.  Went back and found the documentation on what I used.


    Krylon 2328 Red Pepper / Safety Red - O'riely's carries it.






    That looks very right to me. What spatter paint did you use on the trunk if I can ask it also looks correct.



    +1 on that too. I'm getting the trunk ready on our 72. I'm a restomod guy so all this correctness is frying my brain lol



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  5. My efi looks like a double pumper

    I can fix it easier than a carb

    I can tune it easier and faster

    With the exception of a couple of wires it looks like a carb.

    Drivability is way better, better performance. When I get to the point on my boss 1 car, forget that $5k carb, fuel injection and 6 speed for that car too



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  6. Very nice of you. Cool ride. Did he at least let you take it out for a test drive?



    No. Him and his wife were going to a church social so they were short on time. But I'm getting him a new handle shipped to the shop and he will bring it back up and switch out handles. He says I can take my kids for a ride!!



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