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  1. I have the opportunity to by a package deal of 3 cars. All 3 are missing carbs and intakes. I've located and purchased 2 intakes all ready. But still looking for at least one carb. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. What's the likelihood of finding a boss 351 carb? Looking at buying a shop project car and it's missing the carburetor and intake. The carburetor concerns me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Looking for the shock tower to cowl braces for the 72 Mach. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Found what I needed. Thanks Please delete Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Looking for someone that has a rusted out fender or something. I need the the metal from the left front fender, approximately 3" above the turn signal opening from the front at the trim piece to the wheel flair. I'm a dynacorn distributor but hate to cut up a new $200 fender for this part.
  6. Tmi and distinctive industries sell the green but it's not 2 tone. Thanks for the advice everyone. Will check into SMS and see what's going on with that.
  7. who is selling the correct 2 tone dark green/light green seat covers with comfort weave and door panels for the 72 Mach 1? Is this something that will need to be custom?
  8. Also got the dash finished in the blaster. Ready for some little repairs and primer
  9. Some updates. Got the the HVAC box shipped in, was assembled with all new NOS from all classic. Started stripping the doors of all trim, glass. Felt lucky and pulled the rear glass, luckily no cracking noises and no rust!! Rear bumper, lights, trim off. Start stripping paint off in the next day or so.
  10. Been waiting on parts and working on some subassemblies and getting the fender aprons looking good.
  11. Got some parts in today from dynacorn for the Mach 1. My first big order since I became a Dynacorn. distributor. The floor pan and rockers are for a Camaro, but trading those for a 67 Mustang coupe project do I'm justifying have Chevy parts in the shop lol.
  12. I appreciate everyone's kind words. Me and my dad restored that fastback in 1999. I have my first car, 65 6cyl coupe that's very rusty sitting outside the shop. May get to it in a couple of months. But 4 other customers cars are in front of that lol. Did some mire paint today on the cowl and engine bay. image resize service
  13. Today got engine bay, cowl in primer. Started with seam sealer. Will be undercoating tomorrow and hopefully spraying black on everything Sunday.
  14. I'm Looking for the bracket that bolts to the side of the pedal support for a 72 Mach. Maybe even the entire pedal support too.
  15. Stripped everything off the cowl and out of the engine bay. Getting everything ready for primer, seam sealer and undercoating, more primer then finally the correct black for the engine bay and some slop grey.
  16. All important numbers on the engine and on the 4 speed. Everything matches!!
  17. Got the floors all done up front. Need to do some detailing on the engine bay so it had to come out.
  18. Do they just use regular glass and then etch it with the logo and date?
  19. Looking for front windshield for the 72 Mach 1, Carlite.
  20. Couple of updates. Mostly been taking inventory of what's missing and what we have for the car. Got the dash out, stripped everything and got it in the blaster. Got wiring off to Midlife. Got the floors all clean ready for some primer and seam sealer. Need to locate some brackets off of the bottom of the cowl. upload photos free online
  21. And a biggie, tinted band Carlite windshield.
  22. You can check in here for more updates over the coming weeks as the owner, Mark, adds to his website. http://www.huntingamericanmuscle.com/index.html
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