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  1. Been unpacking the car from shipping ing and doing an inventory of what's here. The cowl will need some work, need to find all the brackets that spot weld to the bottom. Found some more gems in boxes today
  2. Looking for the seat tracks for both sides, hvac box for AC car, pedal bracket, Mach 1 grille and rear honeycomb panel, and the miscellaneous brackets that spot weld to the bottom of the cowl under the dash. Front windshield carlite tinted band too lol.
  3. Looking for the seat tracks both sides and hvac box with ac
  4. Thanks so much, the previous owner had put in floors, aprons and shock towers. All new suspension, brakes, engine, 4 speed, 9" all rebuilt. Still a lot to do to lol.
  5. New member on here and thought I would start a build thread of the Mach 1 I have in the shop. The car got delivered to the shop yesterday from Seattle and will be starting on it as quickly as possible. Im sure the new owner will chime in as we are both new forum members.
  6. Did this get bought or is it still for sale?
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