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  1. My first car was a 69 VW bug that I ran in the woods. My parents wouldn't let me get a dirt bike because they thought that it was to dangerous. I am glad that they never saw me driving the bug :angel: My first street driven car was a 69 VW bug that had been in a fire and needed a engine and wiring harness. I removed the engine and wiring harness from my woods bug and built my first car. Funny thing is that that bug only lasted 1 year before it had an engine fire. I replaced that with a 72 firebird that my next door neighboor gave me. His dad was a car hoarder with ~200 cars left to rot on his farm. My neighbor felt bad when my bug caught fire so he talked his dad into giving up one of his cars from the farm. I can still remember the day when I came home from school (12th grade) and the firebird was sitting in the driveway. I asked my mom whose car that was and she had this big sh#t eating grin on her face when she it was mine. I drove that car thru 3 years of college before selling it. My first Mustang was a 89 GT that I purchased after graduating from college. I would have purchased a Trans AM except the stupid car salemen would not let me drive it off their lot. I bought the Mustang the next day. After I bought the mustang, I went back to the dealership and asked to speak to the sales manager. I told him that I just purchased the Mustang because his stupid salesmen would not let me drive a Trans AM on the road. I have been driving Fords ever since! Currently have a 2003 F250 and the 73 convertible. Mike
  2. I just replaced my alternator harness and I learned that I have a 70 AMP system. My vert came with factory air, power top and power windows. I do not have the gauges in the center of the dash. I was lucky since I still have the original alternator. Mike
  3. Life memebr of NRA. I hunt deer with a 44 Magnum. HTE Instructor for PA Game Commission.
  4. I am definitely going! I took my 73 to the 45th in Birmingham and I had a great time. Mike
  5. It sounds like either the front upper window stop or the rear upper window stop is out of adjustment. if the fron upper window stop is out of adjustment, that will allow the front of the window to travel further while kicking the rear edge of the window backward. How does the front of the window align with the weatherstrip? If it aligns correctly, it may be the rear upper window stop needs adjusted up. Mike
  6. My daughter is at a soccer camp all week where they have three sessions each day. Yesterday she went thru 8 20oz gatorade bottles. The camp has changed the schedule to make the first session start earlier and they have shortened the afternoon session. The evening session starts at 7:30 PM, so tat is not to bad. I talked with my daughter this morning and she said that it was rough practicing yesterday in this heat (90 and humid). Mike
  7. Welcome aboard and nice car! We like!
  8. '73, H-code, FMX, stainless dual exhaust, White, white top and medium blue interior, ram air hood, 15" Magnums, Factory A/C, Full console, 351C stroked to 408, 4v quench heads, roller rockers, roller hydraulic cam, Ram Air air cleaner and plenum. Front and rear spoilers.
  9. I am in for at least one maybe two. Lighter colors (say white with black trim) would look nice :P Mike
  10. I had to replace a lower radiator hose saturday night at a local cruise. I pulled into my stall and a guy walks over and says that I am leaking something. It turns out that my fan belt wore a hole in the hose. Luckly, there was a parts stores across the street that had a lower radiator hose that would work. I got lots of comments about how lucky I was that it happened where it happened. I had alot of guys stop and ask if I wanted help changing the hose since my right leg was in an immobilizer due to my thigh injury. I thought that was pretty cool for them to want to help. It was my first outing with the car all year, so it figured that something would happen.
  11. Welcome aboard! You have a great looking convertible!
  12. Not mine. It looks like it has a fair amount of usable parts: http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/pts/2431524112.html
  13. I have one that you can have for free just the cost of shipping. I got it as part of a handling kit which included front and rear sway bars. It will not fit with a ramair base. It is simply taking up space. Mike
  14. I am probably going to the All Ford show at Shults Ford in Harmarville on 6/12/11. That show I will not need to walk much. The Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club (gpmc.org) is organizing the show. My MRI is tomorrow morning. Wish me luck. Mike
  15. I just cancelled my hotel reservation for Carlisle this year. :( I spent my evening last night at the hospital getting xrays of my right knee. I have not gotten the results back yet but my doctor has already ordered an MRI. His evaluation is that I may have broken my kneecap and done some ligament/tendon damage. This will be the first time that I have ever missed the show. Mike
  16. Think about what it would cost to replace your car exactly. I have American National Classic Insurance and they required an appraiser to evaluate the car once I stated that I wanted to insure it for more than 20K. The appraiser evaluated my car based on condition, upgrades (drivetrain), and options. He then supplied the insurance company with an amount that he felt it would take to replace my car with an identical car. He told the insurance company that it would cost 30K to replace. I do not have anywhere near that much invested in my car, but he stated that it would be very hard to find a 73 convertible in the condition that mine is in. My car still has the original white paint under the carpet (New Mexico car). I think that your value is way low. Keep in mind that this value is NOT what you can sell your car for. It is replacement cost only. Mike
  17. I used a product called PeelAway7. It worked pretty good, but I was a mess. The wife took pictures to mess with me. Mike
  18. Hang in there! Don't take this the wrong way. I would love to have your problem. My son turns 16 in 7 days and he should be preparing to get a drivers permit, but he is autistic and he will never drive. Mike
  19. I am running NGK Racing Spark Plugs in my 408. Those are the plugs that my engin builder installed and recommends. His recommendation is based on dyno experience trying various style plugs. I am also running an aftermarket ignition (ICE Ignition) which may be part of the rational for the plugs. Mike
  20. How about the front seat back automatic release when a door is opened. When you open a door the front seat latch automatically releases so the seat back can fold forward. I don't have mine hooked up currently since the mechanism drains my battery.
  21. I think that your numbers are fine. The lower hose temp shows that your radiator is lowering your temp correctly. The 210 thermostat temp means that is the temp coming out of your block. I would not consider that excessive. My engine has a 195 deg thermostat, so after a 50-60 mile trip I would expect it to be that hot. Mike
  22. I know that some paint supply houses will mix your paint into a aerosol can. I should have said PPG DPLF. Mike
  23. This is what I did: I removed everything that was not welded in leaving only the sheet metal. I pressure washed the whole engine bay. I sandblasted the whole engine bay I pressure washed the wole engine bay a second time. I wiped the whole engine bay with paint prep. I spray painted the whole engine bay with PPG DPLP epoxy primer. I painted the whole engine bay with PPG DAR 9000 with a flattening agent mixed in. I reassembled the car. I can post up pictures of the pocess tonight.
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