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  1. I meant, did you swap the bulb with one that works, to see if the problem moves? Then you could yell if it's a bulb issue
  2. That's a dual filament bulb, did you swap the bulb with the one on the other side?
  3. Welcome from Virginia!! Pics please
  4. Danni, it's the SEM white 15855, it's practically beige, NPD carries it as well as others, I also used their primer, the can on left
  5. You will have to disconnect everything from the back of the heater control, theres a plug on the light wires, two wires for the blower motor, the cable for the temp slider and the block of vacuum hoses should all unplug together, that heater control will not go thru the openening an has to come out front ways
  6. I did finish my install yesterday, it's finally good to know what what my oil and water is doing. Now I keep checking it every few seconds. I don't know how I lived without it. I did keep my idiot lights hooked up as well
  7. if you already have the video on YouTube, when your video is up you can left click at top on your browser, the link will turn blue then you can rick click on the blue part and then copy, then come here and right click and paste, you have to put a link here to your video, you can just upload it to this site if that makes sense
  8. I'm in the process of adding these VDO vision gauges to mine, a little dremeling and they slip right in, They have a nut that holds them in. Someone else on here had installed them before.
  9. The green thing is there to let extra air in under acceleration, it should be open when the engine is off, or if when you pull the vac hose off while its running. oh and also under acceleration. its at idle when it should be closed
  10. The idle speed should be the one on the right with the spring that's at a 45 degree angle
  11. My engine is an 89 based crate engine with ported e7 heads. It's supposed to be 300hp With your recipe I would think 350hp would be about right or maybe more. My plan is to upgrade to afr165 Heads at some point. Make sure your piston valve reliefs match your intake valves, the ones you are looking at have 2.02 which is much bigger than the e6 valves, btw Flowtech Induct Lists those afr enforcer heads I mentioned
  12. I had a similar setup as you and I added a 2300rpm torque converter and was glad I did. Later I added 380 gears and an aod. Even better. Btw, AFR has new Enforcer 180 heads for a similar specs but likely better components. Similar price
  13. I have a 13 inch wheel too, my plan is to switch back to the 15 inch size so I can see the signals and speedo :)
  14. I added the global west connectors and that eliminated about 80 percent of the cowl shake, And that's enough for my use. Monte Carlo bars are inexpensive but I don't know if they stiffen the chassis.
  15. It looks better on your car than it did in my garage. :)
  16. He almost got the exhaust pipe in the valance cutout...
  17. Got the filter from the local Napa, perfect fit. Also got this 302 4v decal, I know it's not model correct but it turned out nice, and I sent my little side door out for repairs
  18. Thank you, that looks like it some of the cross reference guides threw me off
  19. I picked this one up but I'm having trouble finding a filter element, I tried an fa41 which is too short at 2.21 inches and one that's too tall at 2.8 inches, I need one that's about 2.5 inches tall and just over 11 inches inside diameter and 13 outside ?
  20. Wimbledon white Naca Nasa Ram air hood, great condition. Garage kept for at least 22 years probably original paint, comes with scoop inserts front trim and windshield washer hoses. 500 in the price, not interested in shipping thanks
  21. Chesapeake, about 15 miles from the Nc border
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