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  1. Thanks for all the answers. I will definitely lock at the back of the engine for the VIN nummber. Did they stamped those numbers when the engine was completely finished? Perhaps they stamped the engine at same time it got it's the metal tag. I have bought the Tag book from Kevin Marti, but it takes a little while. I have seen on some tags that there is the letter "K" in front of the engine code, what does it stand for?
  2. Hello I am a car guy who lives in Sweden, and I have put an 351C 2V in my Mustang from 1967. Before I can drive the car on public roads agian, the Swedish DMV needs to do an inspection of the car. And if the give me the clearance, I can drive the car on public roads. The problem I have is that I need to prove that my engine is an 351C 2V from 1972. And for me to prove that, I need to have the engine tag. Which is lost. I could order a new tag at Marti Auto Works, but they want a vin number and perhaps a photo of the current tag. I don't have anything of that. So I was hoping that someone here could borrow me theirs VIN number and perhaps even an photo on the tag? //Rikard
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