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  1. Welcome from Sweden, Always nice with more coupes
  2. Welcome from sweden, like your car !
  3. Welcome from Sweden, nice car !
  4. Welcome from sweden !!! A.Nisson
  5. I have Gas-a-Just up front and I am happy with them, i will buy those for the back too
  6. Welcome! Nice with another coupe, looking forward to see what you have for plans for it
  7. Hallo, haven't had time to do so much on the mustang but i thought i do an update on the ones that i have done. I have mounted speakers in the front doors. Three point seat belts in the back seat, feels much safer for the Children. It's been a long time since I bought tubes to manufacture a couple of subframe connectors, but then I have not been done to do it. Now I finally got it done But the best I have saved for last, I have finally bought new Wheels, nothing extreme but I think it got a lot nicer. 8x17 inch rims with 225 tires in front and 9x17 inch rims with 255 tires in the rear. That's all I've been up to lately
  8. Google "barzetta america" and i think you will find many who sell them. So you have had bad experiences with chrome, maybe I should rethink it to. If the chrome dont last in The Netherlands I don't Think it will do much better in Sweden
  9. Sorry i dont have any vacuum to the distributor and no valve on the waterpump so not much help there I'm afraid
  10. no A/C I don't think you have much help with how it is on my car because it's probably not like it was from the start. Some previous owners have made some modifications to the Engine, but here are pictures of how it looks anyway. it might be of some help
  11. hi !! I am unfortunately very bad at writing here on the forum, but i thought I would share some of what I've done on my car. I have been meaning to do this now for several years, but better late than never. So here is a brief summary of the last three to four years. The car is a 1973 Grande with 351 Q-code Engine, orgina it was brown with ginger interier and brown vinyl roof. My dad bought the car many years ago and then it was already painted red and the vinyl roof was made black with black shoe polish. Unfortunately my dad passed away about 8 years ago and after much thinking, I decided to keep his Mustang. The car had not received the care it deserved the last few years so there was and still is quite a lot to do on it. I don't have time for a total renovation but i try to keep it running and in decent condition. Most urgent were the exhaust systems, front suspension and stopping existing rust, [/url] I started with a new 2,5" exhaust with and new Hooker headers, the old was really bad. At the same time I took the opportunity to paint the undercarriage, all the wheel housings, the engine compartment and the engine to stop them from rusting more than they already had done. I also painted the floor on the inside and put in new anti noise material the gearbox also leaked a lots so I picked it down to change gaskets but this derailed and ended with the whole gearbox getting an overhaul. There are a lot of parts in a gearbox so I hope I got everyone in the right Place. It also got a front spoiler The front suspension was also in urgent need of some new part and new shock absorbers and new 1" lower springs i also mounted 1" lowering block at te rear While dad owned the car we had to make some rust repairs on it and then this parts of the car where paintet but the color never got really right. So the car was already in two different reds, you don't see it in the pictures but in reality you saw it very clearly. Now I needed to repair more rust on it and then there would be a third red colcor on it I didn't like that at all, so i came up with the stupid idea of painting the whole car. I'm not going to say much about it more than the whole car has the same red color, in the picture it looks like it became god but it did not. but I have seen worse and it have to do for now think it looks cool with a montecarlobar so i made one and that's how far I've come so far. There are plans to install speakers in the doors and mount three point seatbelts in the back before spring. I am also thinking about new rims 8x17 in front and 9x17 in the rear http://www.tommysmotor.se/shop/ws44/40244/art44/h0108/157460108-origpic-0fed94.jpg[/img] Maybe I can get a good price on four of these in 17" whit ET0
  12. Thanks for all the tips and Pictures, very helpful A.Nilsson
  13. Hello! I have two children who would like to go with me in my mustang. but I would love to see that they had real three-point seatbelts instead of just two-point belts that are original in the back of our cars. It must be more than me how have thought of this, but I cannot find any info about such a modification. Would be very grateful for tips, or even better pictures of such modification A.Nilsson
  14. Really nice! Can not wait for your next post
  15. Hello everyone ! I have visited this page for a couple of years now, so I thought it was time to introduce myself. I am 37 years old, living in southern Sweden with my partner and two Children 4 and 6 years old. I have a 1973 Grande with a 351C-4V and C6 gearbox. It's not in a great condition, but it's ok for me right now, I do not have the time and money for some super renovation right now. so I try to spend the money I can on fun stuff for the car and the most important things for it to work. I will try to be a little more active on the forum, but i can not promise anything. But I have to say that this place is amazing, this is almost the only forum I visit. And thene the most important in all posts, pictures or one image anyway.
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