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  1. A year later and I find another one lurking in Tallahassee Florida. Looks in need of some work and has been there since at least April 2011, the last photo was from March 2016.
  2. God, Guns and America. But at least they invented the Mustang!!
  3. I'm with you Vinnie, sad I had to look at that on a Mustang Forum.
  4. Would be interesting to find some more. This one was on another car site, found 80 miles out of LA. https://www.google.com/maps/@34.9316547,-118.9305513,3a,90y,245.78h,67.3t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1saMZXW0LWWTaUK65n0qDYDA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 free upload website hosting
  5. A set of standard trims and caps came with my car but can't say Ive seen this hubcap on 71 72 73's before. Can anyone recognise them? Many thanks.
  6. I have been checking my cars numbers and have found the door tag matches the dash tag matches the engine stamp matches the buck plate. There is one section of the buck plate that has me confused though. After the 63R is 30J which I understand tells you the scheduled build date. I doubt It's 30 June or July as the Marti report states it was bucked on 22 September and scheduled for build on 30 September, so J must represent September? I think too that whoever was in charge of the B stamp at the bottom may have been drinking that day. The numbers stamped on the engine while correct are all over the place as well. The car seems very tidy and shows 99969 miles on the speedo. Is this considered a low mileage for a car of this vintage in the states?
  7. I have been trying to learn all I can about the history of my new car so I took a 'Google Maps' tour of Pennington Gap Virginia where she was originally sold. The Dealer Lee Ford has long closed down but a mile or two up the main road of town I noticed on the left, in what looks like a car yard. something I first thought was my car! The Google Map capture was dated June 2016 but her import certificate is dated March 2016 so it could only be a ghost. A closer look and it appears to be blue not ivy glow and a 73 not a 72. Well it was exciting at first. The only other thing I have found out is that she was most likely in Folson on 15 September 2014 as there was a receipt for a battery from Sam's Club there in the glove box.
  8. Hi Len. I use to live in Hobart but moved to Geelong 8 years ago. Can't remember ever seeing a 71 72 73 Mustang in Tassie back then.
  9. Thanks guys, I'm in Geelong Mickus. Haven't had her out anywhere interesting for photos yet but have a few closeups I can post.
  10. I've had a few yank tanks in my life but finally there is a Mustang in the Garage. She was built on 28 September 1971 at Dearborn Michigan and sent through the Cincinnati District Sales Office to Lee Ford Pennington Gap Virginia as a floor stock order. She is a 1972 model year Mustang Mach 1, 2 door Sports Roof in Ivy Glow Metallic with silver highlights. She came with a 351 2v Cleveland V8 with a 2 barrel carb and had a 3 speed FMX Select Shift auto. Options included factory tinted windows, Mach 1 body side tape stripes, Select Air air conditioning, Power steering, AM radio and E70 x 14 belted white sidewall tires. Still jumping through hoops to have her registered but will be on the road real soon.
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