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  1. my power steering gear was just rebuilt and I want to get new pressure hoses. I have a stupid question, what are the sizes of the inlet and outlet ports on the steering box. I went to order and was asked for the size, I have no idea. Help!!!!!
  2. I have a 71 Convertible I am rebuilding. Maybe someone on this sight can explain something to me. There were 34K Mach 1 built in 1971 and only 6K convertibles. So how is it that the Mach 1 sells for more??? Always thought Convertibles sell for more than Fastbacks and the less made the greater the value. This makes no sense to me? Can anyone help?????
  3. Thanks very much for the info. On a scale of 1 to 10 how difficult is the wiring harness to remove the old and install the new? Tahnks
  4. I am a first time builder. I Just finished rebuilding a 351C engine and a C6 trans. All installed and run. Took me a very long time but finished the install. It seems the wiring harness has a few shorts in it and I have been trying to find for some time. I was told it would be better to just replace the wiring harness. My question is how hard is it to replace the entire wiring in a 1971 mustang convertible? The car has every option ford offered that year. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  5. I am rebuilding a 71 Mustang convertible. I am a first time builder and have run into a problem with the steering column. When you turn the key to start the car the key does not spring back. When the car starts to crank and you release the key is stays where it is. I have taken it apart and cleaned everything and changed the key cylinder any ideas how I can fix this?? I do not want to buy a new steering column because they are all chrome and I want the black thats in the car. any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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