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  1. I work at a long established restoration/custom shop in Melbourne fl. We finish prep. bare steel and apply Axalta 2580cr zinc chromate epoxy primer right away to bare steel panels. Besides corrosion protection you also end up encapsulating the body filler when you prime over it.
  2. Holy crap! It's hard to even comment on how dumb these people are. They must be related to the people that tap into gas lines with garden hoses.
  3. My sincere condolences. You were fortunate that you both shared a common hobby interest and I'm sure everything else.
  4. One other thing. Wear a respirator! especially with the 2k products. 3m 7192 or equivalent.
  5. Spray max has a lot of good stuff. I like the different gloss levels of black and the 2k matte and satin clear. The blender works pretty good, Axalta 790 is really good aerosol blender. Some paint supply stores can put 1k or 2k paint in their cans. I used the spray gun cleaner yesterday. Not as good as the 3m cleaner.
  6. Hello, It wont fit as is. Also the pad has no angle. I had a guy in melbourne fl. mill mine with a 3 degree angle. It was either 3/4" or 7/8" cut at the front. Fits under NACA hood with a 2" air cleaner. Cleveland block 71 style mounts. I believe CHI now has a lower pad option. Also make sure you get the right combination. The 208 intake will only fit the 208 heads for instance.
  7. I'm sorry I wasn't trying to imply anything. I was just putting out a contributing factor. Another one could be the person at the scale. I hope you get it to where you are happy with it.
  8. Hi, Here is a couple of things to consider. Higher priced clears use more expensive u/v screener that is crystal clear. The u/v screener in some clear has a yellow cast which is an issue in collision repair of white and light colored cars. Wimbledon white is creamy if you think what you have is too much so, maybe pick up a pint of another brand to compare. ... .. .
  9. Most auto paint supply stores and even amazon carry a line of hi end aerosol products called spray max. The 2k satin/ semi matte clear #368 0067 or the 2k satin black. are good durable products. Once activated they are good for 24 + hrs. Sometimes a good alternative to having to buy a pricey qt. Check out the website as there are alot of products, epoxy, weld through primers etc.
  10. I've never tried the rustoleum brand. Klean Strip Aircraft Remover at auto paint stores is the best in my opinion. Use it in a well ventilated area or use the right ammonium chloride rated respirator . It will hurt if you get it on you. Keep a wet rag handy. Only brush it in 1 direction. A trick that works well is put plastic wrap over it and it will stay wet longer and penetrate better. I'm lucky, my wife usually volunteers to strip parts and even whole cars
  11. Very sorry to see that happen to you and your beautiful car. Glad you are ok. Stand your ground when it comes to the insurance people.
  12. Hi, From the pictures it looks like a delamination issue. Maybe body filler skimmed over that area. There is one way to get to the source of the problem. Bite the bullet and dig in. Is your car already painted? If so, that sucks.
  13. The home made quarter panels are indeed are a fine example of craftsmanship. I dig that stripe. The red fade job on the seats is pretty cool too. Unbelievable what people try to pass off.
  14. Since joining this site I have bought parts from OMS and have recomended Don's company to others. If you drove by Ace hardware and saw a 70% off everything sign would you not stop in, or tell a friend? I was only answering Kilgon's question and didn't intend to slight a contributor.
  15. I recently bought a bunch of hardware from Mustangs Unlimited for 60-70% off. I've heard the stories so I tried a $50.00 order first. Shipping was slow but it showed up. 2nd larger order was pretty quick. Look for the little green in stock check mark in the listing
  16. I agree, On body panels I use it, wipe it down with damp rags, let dry then sand it thoroughly with 180,then clean it and follow up with a hinkle wipe or axalta ps 4000 wipe, I like Axalta 2580cr zinc chromate epoxy. not an inexpensive product but worth the peice of mind. I wouldn't worry about primering over the Kleen strip on other things like misc parts, trailer hitch etc.
  17. I love that stuff, my wife calls it mr. derusto, I've been using it for years and found out one thing the hard way. I would routinely soak hardware in a cup over night. I put a batch in a cup forgot about it and went to Miami for 4 days. When I returned it was like a big green kool aid popsicle. It took hours to break it up and clean up the stuff I needed. Another good product is RBL Products restoration plus wipes or sponges. If you have bare metal sitting around, even a whole body it will keep it from rusting a good amount of time, here in florida it works well. Go to RBLProducts.com They have a lot of cool stuff.
  18. If you have a paint shop in mind it would be a good idea to use what the painter is used to spraying. Silver is not the easiest color to get even. If you hand him or her a gallon of something different and it comes out streaky or mottled then where are you? You may want to let the shop pick the paint system then any issues with the finish are on them.
  19. How about the Hippie van side pipes. I guess those J.C. Whitney gift cards came in handy.
  20. You could try stopping in your local auto paint stores and ask them. Chances are there are some good 1or 2 man independents. That could do a good job at a reasonable price. They should know who they are.
  21. If possible go to car shows or cruise nights and talk to people. Then interview shops. GET references. GET a written estimate and contract. The last thing you want is your car held hostage sitting around in bare metal if you are going that far. Also work the payment schedule so you can take the car if you are unhappy with the way things are going. I was a tech/ sales rep. for an auto body supply company for 20 years. There are good guys and there are corner cutting hacks out there. Do your research it's worth paying more compared to having paint or body work failures down the road. If someone takes a quick look at your car and throws out a price you may want to move on to the next guy. Try to get a feeling that the people that do it look like they will stay in business for for some years to come. Good luck and hopefully you will get what you pay for.
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