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  1. thanks,Ill get some progress pics to share
  2. thanks, looking to get more involved soon
  3. thank you, I,m working on navigavigating the site. lol
  4. thanks for the welcome , Michigan is nice but Cleveland rocks!
  5. thanks for the welcome. looking forward to my membership
  6. THANKS looking forward to membership
  7. thanks its sanded but not going to buff it for a while. just gave the quarter a quick buff with 3m 36060
  8. thanks a lot! glad to help
  9. nice car! hat size tires are you using? They are 245 -15's. I"m also leaning toward 15" I rolled the lips and and pushed the quarters out an inch to fit largest size I can and have the car sit low. on a friends tires now. thinking 200s wheels
  10. nice car! hat size tires are you using?
  11. very nice I wish I was that far along. I'm hoping to share info and ideas with others thanks
  12. thank you. I have a lot done and a lot to do
  13. thanks my good friend stevemach1ford came from iowa Cool. Unfortunately we are supposed to get 4-8" of snow tonight. I need to move south. 80 here today the problem humid 95 degee long summer
  14. thanks my good friend stevemach1ford came from iowa
  15. I changed from beer to crown a few years ago, but still on stangs and rock. thanks a lot!
  16. thanks. now I just have to get used to navigating lol
  17. hello. my name is Keith, thanks for having me as a new member. I am pretty far along on a 71 mach 1 project. "restomod" type . 408c/tko600. painted black. other than the engine I've done the rest myself with the help of my wife and friends. Also looking forward to helping members especially paint related. I have plenty of questions so see you soon. Thanks to SteveMach1 for getting me to join
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