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  1. A big agree on epoxy primer, epoxy seals out moisture better than urethane or etch primer. Axalta (DuPont) 2580cr has zinc chromate in it also. For maximum corrosion resistance put on one coat, let it dry about 2hr. Then put on 2 more coats. Letting the first coat dry will give a better "bite" to the steel.
  2. I think it's a very cool car and worth whatever anyone is willing to be happy paying for it. Use the spray can restoration stuff as a bargaining chip. I wiped the "spray" off the frame rails and engine compartment of a really low mile 69 scj and left the original drips and bare metal assembly line circles. I used Dupont 3812s synthetic enamel reducer. It's way worse when some nut gets 2k primer and paint every where. If you get it have fun and look for a good deal on rags!
  3. Look at Cars On Line.com mustangs there is 7 for sale on that site
  4. The people that I deal with sell axalta products. They will make 1/2 pints in nason or cromax that's enough for 2 spray cans of base at about 10.00 ea. plus the cost of the red (expensive) paint. They have a couple different 2 part aerosol clears at around 20.00. That work surprisingly well. While I also find preval spayers quite handy modern aerosols like Spray Max would give better results at least with clear or single stage on your mirrors. A preval for the base and can of clear would be good. Only my opinion
  5. Two things I left out. If you use the 2k cans you need to wear a respirator (around $20.00) and once you activate them you have about 48 hrs. at most to use them usually.
  6. Polish the spot that you want them to match, Orange peel, scratches etc. have an effect on the reading. An area about the size of a business card is good. Some auto paint stores can put single stage even 2K or base coat in spray cans for you
  7. Still a misleading add, maybe could have worded it something like correct but not matching numbers if that's the case.
  8. There is a guy with ram air, air cleaner and other parts on Florida space coast craigslist. I've seen it and other stuff he has all nice.
  9. Shell Rotella is a good oil for older cars. Due to its zinc content.
  10. I put my fastback rear glass in, thanks for info. and tips that you guys have posted. It went with no issues. The seal from Don @ Ohio Mustang worked and fill well. 2-46 cent nylon 6' fishing leaders from walmart worked good for the rope a little over 1/8" diameter
  11. Very Cool, I think it great to see restomod/ custom 71-73 Mustangs brought to that level. Nice job!
  12. I'm very sorry to hear that,my condolences to his family and friends so young that's tragic.
  13. Congratulations, Nice well optioned car. Have fun with it!
  14. As far as this particular car is concerned, without looking at it and checking it over good it may or may not be worth getting. If it doesn't need a bunch of metal work and has the right #'s I could live with headers and the wrong carb. Definitely would be too expensive to pay someone else to restore it. Like I said If my wife would let be sell the Chevelle I would jump on it for the right price . I already tried to trade it for a nice 71 429 Torino GT and she shut down that deal real quick. She would trade for a nice Starliner.
  15. Nice to know stuff like that is still out there, It will be interesting to see what it sells for. I wish I could afford to go look at it. Any one want my wife's pretty nice 70 Chevelle SS? Haha
  16. Nothing against Toronto, meant Torino and Fairlane fan
  17. Extremely cool Torino! I learned to drive in my dads 71 m code GT. A friend of mine recently finished this 71 429cj 4 spd. factory a/c, It has a beautiful un-buffed single stage black paint job. Always been a Toronto fan.
  18. My wife Kathleen can drive our 69 428 scj 4 speed manual steering, manual drum brake mustang quite well. She was real proud of the 2 strips she left all the way down our street! And can't wait to get in the 71 when its done.
  19. Man just so you know it took me 3 tries to get past spell check to spell dude wrong. When we have hurricanes my neighbor has a 4x8 sign that says looters will be shot and ate ! He's the coolest, I had a few crown and cokes with him this eve so don't mind me.
  20. If I ever get to England I'll have to look you up, because you are a funny dood. Have you ever heard of a love bugs? I live in Fla. and holy Crap, you want to bitch about bugs look up these little love makin bastards. They are suicidal screwing pricks! that love carbon dioxide and fresh paint. I've been keeping a leaf blower by my front door to blast them into hyperspace before o go in the house
  21. That is a beautiful car, not to pick at someone's car but go that far and put the spoiler on backwards, but that and some new exhaust tips, I could live with the rocker trim with the stripes for while, my favorite color combo.
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