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  1. As far as funny cars go we can't leave out Raymond Beadle and the Blue Max. I like both looks, but going road race on this one.
  2. If available from your auto body supply. Spray Max is a line of aerosol 1k and 2k. products including etch, epoxy, urethane primer, 4 gloss levels of black, matte and gloss clears. Most of their stuff also has adjustable fan spray nozzle. UPOL also makes some good products including 2k raptor bedliner in aerosol.
  3. As far as water base stuff goes POR 14 40104 cleaner degreaser is great stuff. Solvents like gunk, kerosene etc. work but leave a film if you are painting. Heavy truck parts places usually have good stuff too.
  4. I agree with the other guys on the air tools. A good start on hand blocks would be Dura Blocks, u can buy them in a kit or individually at your paint store or on line. A hand file board is also handy. You can also get continuous roll stick on paper to fit both. Then be resourceful as far as wood strips, blocks, yard sticks etc. Get a gallon of wax and grease remover or final prep. You can wet the panel with it and look for waves. Good luck and have fun.
  5. Who writes these adds, surprised they didn't say something like slide into the rich Corinthian leather. Haha
  6. One thing for sure, test fit all aftermarket trim and moulding before paint on any car. Some resto/ custom shops are getting away from turn key builds because of having to deal with crap parts.
  7. I good guy to check with is Tony @ Astro transmission in Taveres Fl. He is very knowledgeable on tko upgrades
  8. I'm not sure about getting it in the UK, Shell Rotella originally intended for diesel trucks is an excellent oil with a higher zinc content
  9. Another muffler co. that is worth looking at is spin tech. My friend steve on this site has them on his 71 429 and they sound really good. They have a lot of products and options.
  10. To get back to the topic. The Torino is no trailer queen , in 8yrs it has made many 1-4 hr trips to cars shows. He put the magnaflow mufflers on a couple years ago . Cruising at 55-70 it is much better. I think it also picked some hp.
  11. My brother in law, switched from flowmaster to magnaflow on his 70 429cj cobra. Much better as far as "drone" goes. We took it out today its not quiet but with the built cj who needs tunes
  12. Ok sounds good. I'll get an order together.
  13. Lots of good info, my buddy stevemach1ford and I have to do both cars, I'll be a gentleman and we can do his first
  14. Thanks, I'll do that. I've helped customers/friends on older cars and an ill fitting seal can be a big pain.
  15. I'm looking for suggestions on who makes the best fitting/quality fastback rear window rubber seal. And maybe warnings on the not so good ones. Thanks for any input
  16. Tony, you can Google Mike Kelly's Cruise News. They would have all shows/ events near Orlando
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