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  1. I called pro thane a year ago they said their mounts wouldn't fit. I was tempted to buy them anyway. But ended up using Lakewood mounts. I'll see how they hold up. I'm very close to having it running and at least some test drives till I finish putting the rest together. Did you talk to Tim Meyer about his cam bearings?
  2. If you use aircraft remover brush it one direction, you can lay plastic over it to make it more effective. Wear gloves and a respirator in a well ventilated area. Keep a wet rag handy cause it burns like hell. Wear Glasses also.
  3. CVF racing sell aluminum ones plus a variety of pulleys and spacers
  4. Deoderant with aluminum zirconium in it. Is what can cause fish eyes. Just avoid that stuff and you won't be Mr. Stinky
  5. Ok I give up! Just Google search HF if you are going to use this stuff
  6. I don't know how I got the goofy imogie in the word hydroflouric acid, maybe because it's such nasty stuff. Don't get it on you, don't leave it in an unmarked container
  7. Aluma-Brite is cleaner available at truck stops and parts stores that cater to semi's. At about 15.00 gal. it works great But you need to respect it as it has hydroflouric acid in it. FOLLOW SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS! It will remove anodize easily
  8. Hi, make sure to reinforce the pallet below the stand. I had an engine shipped to me and it was collapsed. And bolt it in good, shippers can be rough. You may be able to get a used crate if you call around, anyone build inboard engine boats in your area?. Also I have brought big stuff to R&L carriers terminal. If one is near you call ahead, get a better deal and pretty painless. Good luck
  9. Hi, slide the pointed tip between the trim and windshield until you catch the edge of the clip, then pull back, be careful not to press against the glass. start at the bottom and work your way around. you can also slide a thin piece rubber between the tool and glass. the tool is cheap and much better than a screwdriver! good luck
  10. Google 351 cleveland building tips by Dan Jones. A good article for starters
  11. The other good part I left out is How many good friends I have made as a bonus
  12. I'm the outside technical and sales rep. For an auto body, aircraft, marine and industrial paint and body supply company in east central fl. For the past 15 years.good part is I get to be involved in and see a lot of cool stuff. bad part is sometimes I'm the bartender therapist
  13. Hi Tom, most mustang parts vendors carry aresol cans of interior colors. My local independent axalta bobber will go the extra mile to match these colors in vinyl paint in pt. or Qt. If you can bring in a piece. and leave it with them. Maybe one in your area will do the same. They should also carry cleaner and adhesion promoter ask for the medium gloss level. Its pricey but works very well
  14. One other thing to consider with a universal kit is you will need a good soldering iron, solder, shrink wrap, a lot of tape, protective sleeves, clips, grommets etc. That stuff does add up. One of those harbor freight third hand things was handy. Also it's a good idea to add a fuse or circuit breaker which you have to buy separately
  15. Hi Oz, I used the Ron Francis access 24-7 ford kit. about 550.00 u.s, I'm happy with the quality and features. The movable easy access fuse box is a nice plus. however it was ALOT of work and time. My brother in law who is an elecriclal engineer was a huge help. Not many things on my car are of original type so this harness worked well for me. That said, If I were looking to do more of a factory replacement harness. The extra money for the specific harness may be well worth it.
  16. Best thing is go to chi heads.com. they have 2v and 4v also I know the 208 3v has its own intake it is tall and the carb. pad is not angled
  17. I actually shook hands With Mark Donohue before the race that day
  18. My Dad took my brother and I to Lime rock trans am race's from the late 60's to late 70' s . In 71 Warren Tope was the only guy that could hang with Mark Donohue in the wicked sounding factory javelin. I was a young kid but remember him cutting strait through the grass on the s turns to pass the dastardly #6. javelin .Good stuff! I think I'll call my brother and see if he still has the slides of that race. Good memories
  19. it is important that the bell housing be dialed in. lakewood has a dowel hole relocation kit. robb mc makes some trick dowel pins. other offset pins are available from summit etc.
  20. Evercoat fiber tech is a great product. for holes ,seams where panels meet, etc. super strong with Kevlar strands,and. doesn't have shrinkage issues, just don't wait too long to sand it, well worth a little extra money
  21. a friend mine has a couple they both have surface rust, i can check with him. shipping from fl. may be pricey. you do mean the panel that would also have the vin plate?
  22. welcome, I'm fairly new to this site and really like it. I'm also a Ford fanatic i drove a green boss to high school 1976-77 ended up putting over 70'000 miles on it with a 4:30 rear. have a 69 scj sportsroof also 4 speed drag pack since 1992 but don't drive it much. my brother has a 71 pantera that my Dad he and i built out of a burnt one and a wrecked one in 1973-74 . my brother inlaw has a real nice black 70 429cj 4 speed torino cobra. i'm currently building a "street machine" 71 mach 1. we are always looking for parts or parts cars. so glad to have ya
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