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  1. I have just read this start to finish. I admire your drive and insight. Well done sir! Can't wait for the next installment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Changed the shifter bushes, fairly easy and results far better than I expected. Better than the tap fitting washer to take up the slack anyway...
  3. If you need any pics let me know
  4. Thanks for the kind welcome. Convertible belongs to a friend, can't take credit for that one! Will post some more pics on the weekend.
  5. Hi everyone, Have been lurking for a while but have taken the plunge. See a few other Aussies on here! Have a 71 Coupe (built 10/70). Have developed a soft spot for its shape pretty quickly. Did have a couple of local Ford XA XB hardtops back in the day but saw this coupe for sale and couldn't resist. 351, disc rear end and RHD a/c p/s but pretty standard. Drives great, needs a few small things but is in great shape otherwise. Look forward sitting down and reading through the posts. Thanks free image hosting bb code img
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