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  1. I have new in the box ginger colored seat covers for 1973.....mine was totaled before i got them replaced. Have other items i will be posting. 250. plus shipping. Have original rear leaf springs , original 2 barrel intake also have original mustang rims messege here for price or txt 9186365768
  2. It happened so fast and we where only 50 yard or so from the stop light. Normal driving in my jeep I can get from where it started to the light in about 9 or so seconds . we have giid insurance but like all insurance they are goung to low ball you. Adjuster called today and said 9500. For total loss . I did not except so now it goes back to them. I can play the waiting game lol I go on active duty Thursday and then the sandbox early next year so I got time to sit on it
  3. Its not the motor mounts it was fine till I had the cam and the rest of the upper part of engine done . I really feel like its carb involved.. So the reason the brakes didn't work is because it was accelerating? I really need to look at the engine but I dont have the time
  4. I honestly dont know i haven't had a chance to look at the mustang since it happened and i am supposed to go on active duty next friday . The pedal didnt get stuck and i cant remember if it fell to the floor it happened so fast i just remember it reving so loud and it taking off faster than i ever thought it could . I wish it would have happened after the stop light because would have had a long road to quickly do something. 50 or so yards isnt enough time to do crap ! We where going about 30 mph and i let off the gas and it just reved up so loud and took off i didnt floor it or anything i just did the brakes so i didnt want to test. I remember someone telling the police that they heard the mustang reving super loud so i know that actually happened .. just can't believe it happened and that fast
  5. Thanks she is doing good broken femur and rehab . As for parts i won't be able to part it out . Next fri i am supposed to go on active duty in texas for 2 months if it works out to where i can i will let people know . Police did say there was something wrong with the throttle cable and that is why he is saying mechanical malfunction is the cause of the wreak . I just dont understand why the brakes didn't stop the vehicle i had my foot to the floor on the brakes
  6. [attachment=45716][attachment=45717] Okay what can cause my 73 mustang to accelerate on its own ? Drive perfect and then it feels like throttle sticks and it revs like crazy and car shoots forward few times i could put it in nuetral and back to drive it would fix it cleaned gas pedal thinking it might be dirty . Wife drove it with my duaghter and drove perfect monday i change brake pads and test drive it brakes work good take it out of neighborhood and everything works good we get about 50 yards from stoplight and it does it and quickly put it in nuetral and slam on brakes but nothing. We totaled our beautiful mustang!! Now my wife is in hospital and i have 9 stitches in my cheek. What happened??? Work that has been done by mechancic is ..intalled cam i believe around a 500 lift but not completely sure heads been cleaned and reworked aluminum intake 2v to 4v abd holley 750 double pump carb and headers installed. Nothing has happened like this till we took it to the mechanics ao i want to make sure they didnt do something wrong
  7. what carb are you running ? i have a 750 holley double pump going to play around with it see if i can get to my likeing but might need smaller carb
  8. okay just found out my rims ar 14×7 so what does everyone suggest for a 73 mustang convertible? pics if you have them
  9. yes and tonight it will get new shoes !!! people are talking me out of the 255 and 235s . told i should stick with 225/60/15s on all 4 corners . so not sure what route i will go see what tire shop recommends i guess
  10. about 8 hrs to get all shocks done and new leaf springs done. raised it about inch and half to 2 inches .. now to find tires
  11. what would yo suggest for the front tires ?
  12. would these rims fit 255-60-15 and 215-65-15 ? also the springs will raise my rear end up maybe an inch or so there 5 leaf instead of 4 would 255-60-15 on rear work or would it look to jacked up i belive they are 15 x7 and they are supposed to be a upgrade rim that was offered then
  13. 73 convertible with 351c 2v ..4v aluminum intake 750 holley double pump carb ..bigger cam not 100% sure sounds good but need to adjust carb or go smaller
  14. front shocks are in was really easy !! got mustang lifted sitting on stands tires off got nut off of both eyelets on leaf springs and got jack to hold rear axle and got 3 out of 4 ubolts done i will do the rest of ubolts tomorrow as well as removing bolts from springs. .hoping to have it done tomorrow
  15. going to be changing all shocks and new leaf springs on my 73 convertible.. any tips or suggestuons ti make it easier ? pb blaster already and tiok out rear seat ti get to those wonderful bolts .. also found a small rust hole when i removed rhe seat :@ how do i fix that ? about the size of a quarter maybe alittle bigger. ...pics of my mustang will cone today
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