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  1. Welcome aboard, Juan! That is one BEAUTIFUL car! Love the argent accents.
  2. That's exactly the one I have in my '69. My Dad's '66 has a mechanical handle/cable setup.
  3. I don't recommend the billet micro screen type, but if you go that route make sure you have the necessary (probably metric) wrenches to open it on the road when that little screen clogs up.
  4. Over the years I have used Motorcraft, Holley and Edelbrock carbs, MSD, Pertronix, single and dual point ignitions. For street driving, all around performance and reliability I like Summit carbs and Duraspark ignitions.
  5. Wow, thanks guys. This is perfect - I have 6 vehicles, 2 motorcycles and a tractor but can never seem to find a flashlight (other than my cellphone) when I need one.
  6. Are you grounding the spark plug when attached to coil center post?
  7. I've been after one from Lake Motors in Salt Lake City for 20 years. I'm wondering if they even had them - it's cool that you have a picture of one. Will keep my eyes open for yours as well.
  8. Sure do. All I need is the warning light assembly but if it's easier to send the whole thing that's fine too. These pics are a clock, but they show the backing plate and front faceplate that I need.
  9. Urban Dictionary: thalassocratic https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=thalassocratic thalassocratic A god tier sexual maneuver condition where intercourse is achieved over a body of water large enough to define a hypothetical state existing at each partner's terrestrial interface as a thalassocracy, which is itself defined as state whose territories are connected primarily by sea. On a more serious note: Thalassocracy - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thalassocracy
  10. If it has warning lights or a clock I'd be interested in either of those.
  11. I'm not a fan, but as long as the forum killers known as VerticalScope aren't taking over I can adapt.
  12. I stand corrected. I was thinking of activating a relay or soft switch like the MSD box, not a constant power source.
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