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  1. I see one 73 on the picts, the extensions are higher than for 71-72
  2. @Mister 4x4 "No way, Man. I want to see more of that cool car than just the taillights." He followed me... " So he ended up see your taillights only anyway :D
  3. Waiting for one with a big 71, 72 or 73 + pony + tiny forum logo for my glove boxes ;)
  4. @RocketFoot Going thru covid times in style these days thx to dutch mustang club :)
  5. Dragged & dropped to my disc, shamelessly :) Thx for these beautiful picts!
  6. Nothing beats the sound of high heels shoes cutting in fresh paint in the morning... :D
  7. One thing at a time will bring you there! Don't throw anything away! Even if you think now that it's not to be saved. Looking forward to read about your progress! Good luck!
  8. @Kilgon "You must feel like a kid in a candy store with so many gems in the rough around you." Oh yeah you bet! And the picts above were only from one location... Anyway thx for the picts you sent, they were really helpful!
  9. @Kilgon I was in heaven yesterday evening and one of the topic of talks ( read lots and lots and lots of talks) my friend and me had, was about that washer... Turns out mustang 2's had similar, so my friend took out one from his car parts, and looks like only thing I need to do is flatten it, cut the tab and fold it, then cut it round and I should have the exact part I need as seen on left side of pict. The M2's having the exact same optional mirrors as our babies...
  10. I was looking at having modern tech for my 73 as well, but most being in 2 dins I was looking at single ones instead as I recall the frame of the dashboard has a tray and more metal in the way that would need to be removed as well. Really curious to see how you will squeeze that baby in! So please document and share your install if you manage to do it!
  11. @RocketFoot Ok so I tried, and yes there are indeed edit features for the IMG width... :) Sorry to say but it makes no sense (I know you did not write it). It clearly shows some logic thought before they changed the template layout using other CSS. ".ipsColumn_fluid" CSS is the element container in which the post should be placed and where I suspect the bad IMG format comes from. The width is in percentage set at 100% and can be anything in "px" depending on the display width of the page. First prob, the edits do allow to set the IMG width using "px"units and not percentage
  12. @secluff thx... mmm looks like miles away considering the thread. The ones I have are fine thread and the plastic receiver is also a fine thread. I have the ones you show or could find easy another variation when it comes to length but it would mean force the thread to get these in while the picts above really fit in. Could this be related to the fact that both my cars are imports?
  13. geez this post editor is [badword]! Why is third image small?? Anyway, this is the screw I have. To make things clear; - I need 4 as the one I have has seen better days. They are the same for the 3 small bezels - I have no idea if this is the original one, but its length is fine, thread is fine unlike Don C's pict of a screw above, the cross/small philips head looks alright once in place, and as the hole is under the bezel, only dogs and young children could actually see its the wrong head. :) - I may need 8 if 71 bezels use the same types, I saw my 71 miss them all (aaah the j
  14. Could someone on the other side of the pond find/buy me a few screws for the power windows bezels of a 73 and put them in an envelop? I have been with the only correct one I have to shops dealing in "special" hardware, and while I've found other hard to find screws here, like the flat short "truss" ones needed for the rail roof and few others we don't see much here, none of the shop was able to provide me the right thread, even with other heads or length for the bezels ones. Even used ones are welcome, I need at least 3. I would hate to set back the ones used before that were some ki
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