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  1. Hey guys, Just received oil filters, so I can change oil now. Just before I do... I used to push 20w50 mineral rich in ZDDP for my 351c, but saw on few occasions across some reads that 10w30 could be a better choice. What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Ridiculous. "serious buyers only " ahahaha
  3. Forced to have one outside while the other enjoys a massage in my little garage, I've used for past 5 or 6 years 3 brands (2 locals and 1 us), all supposed to be made for outside. I can tell you one thing, none did the job as one would expect: keep the car dry. Most had that @breathing@ material you see now days on most of the models, supposed to stop water from penetrating while allow condense underneath to get out. In practice that material works fine for a short rain fall when new, after more than one hour in rain (something very common here) they all start to suck the water and car can't e
  4. After that you mentioned it, vaguely recalling this claim. As Koni is/was a Dutch company (their headquarters are here), I went looking... after 1/2 hour going from blablawerethebestblabla screens to blablareallytoughblabla screens I've stopped. It's just another non transparent corporation doing its best to not be accessible to the average joe. Same for their distributors here. Took me less efforts to have them as they are now ;) They will receive a paint job when I'll spray other parts and that's when they will be better than new, because the hardware might be tough inside, the paint th
  5. Finally found some time for a little update! Been busy on the house and will remain busy with it for a while, but every weekend I try to get some things done on the 71. Here a few picts of the activities... Old monkey as I am, I couldn't let these "new" Koni's shocks go. I've helped install them! Car ran at most 300 miles with them before engine broke and for more than 20 years their body rusted quietly waiting for some action on the car with the nose up and no engine. So gave them both some love and they are on my growing to be painted pile. May they'd need be changed,
  6. @73MustangCoupe Small question, I have received a new pitman arm and a puller for it a few weeks back. I haven't removed the old one yet, but saw no wider splines on the what is visible of the shaft while seeing some (4) on the new one to align it correctly. Basically question is, are the 4 wide splines on the arm helping to set it back correctly also on the original shaft?
  7. Few companies merged. Mustang america, Mr Mustang... and Eckler where I've ordered a fan shroud for my 429. Let just say I wasn't happy about what I've premium payed for. What I really hated after having contact with them is that they continued to offer damaged and really really really really bellow basic quality standards, items that they even told me being aware they were bad. So while you can't put all in the same bag, I know they're out of my shop list. Speaking of vendors, 2 that deserves a mention when it comes to perfect deliveries with great support for us on the other side o
  8. Just by looking at it, you know it's gonna cost you loads of rubber! :O Welcome from the northern Netherlands
  9. That's depressing! I want to be that far!!! Engine bay looks gorgeous, awesome progresses!
  10. We know it can be done and that the engines are running on hydrogen. But there are reasons why aside the practical safety issues that comes with hydrogen manufacturers think about it differently for the future... (they do not see 71-73 mustangs part of the future as we do! :O )
  11. ah, the 351c hot start issue! I've camped with that for years. starter heat shield, headers wrapped, expensive plugs, more amps batt, new cables, different timing, all grounds really bare metal and extra grounds from block to body... they all helped, but remained been a prob. It all went away when after I've installed a small high torque starter and added EFI. Tho I should say it went away for 99% of the time, as experienced last weekend, got it again. Starter was having hard time but thanks to EFI where all starts are a zillion times more easy than with a carb, a second key turn wa
  12. I don't buy his story, no falling object would do this kind of damage and the way the 3 visible creases are connected is the result of one and only rear kiss, and surely a wet one! You're in may be just for a quarter panel if you are lucky, how does the trunk floor looks like there? At least it's not been repaired with a big hammer and kilos of Bondo, as @kilgon suggests, let a pro take a look at it, so you know what you're looking at... We've all found out hidden pearls ( still do), it's part of the hobby I guess ;)
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