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  1. +1. They work very well and do not feel 50 years old at all. Oh and while at it, I have bought the Stainless classic tube kit from CJP a while back for my 71. As I need/want to change all the lines. You can see it's quality on first sight, nice labeling to quickly know where all goes, good fittings with their threads nicely treated. For $50 I really don't see the need to spend hours making lines or even doubt if changing old rusty lines could wait. I don't know why they are so affordable btw. I recall replace the rear end line with the same brand 20 years ago on my 73 and only that bit was
  2. And which other places could be better than spending mustang funds on the mustang?? :D Btw any picts of your horse on here?
  3. Another step nicely completed! I plate most of my parts and indeed it's very frustrating not having found yet a cheapo yet quality way to plate plastics. Need re-dive into this, there must be a way to spray something conductive enough..
  4. You are totally right Tony, but in case of the Sniper, Holley provides a well designed quality harness with relays so there is no need to add anything more to the circuit.
  5. Don't recall the circuit exactly (it's been more than 2 years), but it works fine on mine. I do not expect your cd box to be an issue. In case you need crawl under the column, since this wire is THE wire for the system, the connection must be really solid. (was almost number 1 cause of failures of installs) I suggest you remove the chair. It's done in seconds and really makes a massive diff to work fine and secure there. Edit: Oh and while at it, place on the blue wire (+ pump) a switch there before it goes to your inertia switch and finally to pump. As the sniper primes on key o
  6. If you mean the Sniper pink wire, the green red wire right after the ignition key is what I've used before the next junction. Also on a 73 harness.
  7. If it's only un-bolting, clean & replace while in car without thinking much and assuming all goes fine, a good day is all you need. But chances are high it will take much longer. Depends how you deliver the heads for instance. If all parts are the right ones, if they remove the engine to work or not. How stubborn some parts may be, like the headers.. if they need/you want them to clean up stuffs real well like the intake, bolts or sandblast/sound clean. Which is handy if you want the engine to be painted as well... What is stopping you to do this yourself btw? I ask, because the thi
  8. Unless you have one, let me know where you can find these. Got one last year from Ecklers, also avail from few others and all made by mac's antiques. They are expensive ABS pieces of junk, that's all they are. Certainly no shroud.
  9. @baz70 No they are not reproduced. In fact looks like none of the reinforcements are made or even part of the aprons that are offered. The double 1.5mm thick for the hood hinges for instance, or the extra plate for the windshield fluid reservoir etc... The reinforcement on top of both the apron really make a massive diff in stiffness, do not weld the apron without one (unless you like the idea to have a car weak as a loukoum in case of an impact and extra torsion due to weight of the batt). If you do not feel the fx on the side that has it, it's likely because the welds at tower conne
  10. I find the rear treated like this (pict above) the nicest of all. Strange how this little paint contrast cleans up the line and makes it so beautifully 70's style. I will have to fight very hard to resist to do similar on my 71.
  11. The offer details mentioned there were repro's but did not look further as I have the original ones. Even have the block off plastic plates that are at the end of the panel. Tho missing one on one side. But thought It was worth to post it as there were several times requests for these pricy pieces.
  12. I'm waaay beyond "BlueFromHoldingMyBreath" by now :D So the "applique" (sounds french) was the same as the vinyl roof? I mean glued on the car and the 2 chrome lines added? Or was it some thin piece of plastic with the texture? I've never seen that spoiler adding anything to our cars (with good or wrong drilings). It's just there, not even fitting the car properly, it ruins the line imo. Not even sure it actually does something except adding extra drag. Dunno why they did not make one mixed with the valance. But hey, mea culpa too! I've ordered one once in the late 80's by NPD as
  13. You could go electric only too. I see mine with both, that when I shut the car when it was at operating temp, the electric fan starts few seconds later, runs a few and stops. Pretty sure I could run the car with that one only, at least during winter.
  14. I've seen 2 cabs 429 CJ's in 30+ years, none had the spoiler. Which looks btw weirdly distorted on this one. Was this tail panel finish an option/combo that came with the twist cap in 71? Looks like vinyl sticked on. My 71 CJ has the honeycomb and popup gas cap. Don't recall seen vinyl used there before anyway or is it some flat/texture only plastic panel?
  15. There were a few posts on these rare, expensive and 71 only pieces of plastic... https://www.ebay.com/itm/254827475338?fbclid=IwAR2JtIMqm7pbBL1c9SQmQWP5bhDazarI8LDPDUPvdWP2osJnq_IoI8hPhzg
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