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  1. @Murdoc, it's the opposite! Leave the car on flat floor, remove the 3 bolts of the tops and replace the bushings.
  2. "AOD swap was the biggest mistake I've ever made". From your story, having both FMX and AOD, I'd say the only mistake you did was the shop choice. If you dare open this can of rings, contact Kenneth Collins at badshoe.com, get both parts and vids there and do it yourself...
  3. I can only say that I did not regret removing the heavy 73 bumper on my grandé and relocate the battery in trunk above rear axle. The heavy Intake, waterpump, fan etc.. replaced by aluminium ones, these without GC in mind, but combined all together it gave a massive difference in handling, especially on the highway exits we have here, where the car would plunge on the front under hard braking and loose grip on the rear while in the curve. Unless you go for originality, these easy changes do really make a difference. Reminds me I should be enjoying all this very soon again! Yeah!
  4. @midlife Sorry for not being active on this thread and on the site in general during past weeks. I'm fine! While covid has killed or crippled many businesses, mine is going super strong atm and have little to no time to even check the site. Finding my way on my phone via this new forum software doesn't really help either, just discovered your reply just now! As about the updates, as said, i'm now with reduced avail time, focussed on my 73. All goes smooth! Smooth is also where I am atm on it, sanding 600, and after I will have sprayed all from in to outside, I can finish wet 1200 sanding it and bring it to the painter. I have lost some time redoing things that I thought were ok, but were not. So had some minor weldings to do on doors, acid treat them, protect them inside. Repainted many parts, removed and polished all roof rails that were having some scratches and replaced damaged ones by used ones etc.. Also updated the software of the EFI... So yeah, all ok, still having my Mustang only weekends and making lots of progress! I hope I'll be back on the 71 in a not too far future 🙂 I'll be back don't worry! I'll try to post some picts of what I did during past weeks...
  5. I've spent lots of time saving what needed be saved on the 71 in past 2 years at the expense of not being able to have my 73 back on the road. Now that I need the space in my tiny garage for the 429 to work on it properly, I finally must focus on my 73, which is good, so that may be, may be I can hope about driving it this summer... and then resume the work on the 71. As I do not plan to make and maintain another dedicated thread for the 73 and this one not being updated, one might think I'm in some kind of corona isolation doing nothing. The opposite is true, my weekends are Mustangs only as usual, simply not documented! :) As Arny says: I'll be back :)
  6. As usual, we pay per liter what you guys pay per gallon over here...
  7. Vilken vacker bil! Välkommen! Welcome from the northern Netherlands
  8. Pardon the old graphic designer in me, but I miss bits white around the pony to match the thickness of the lines used in the design or use a black/white pony without grey so its contours remain readable from a distance. Aside this personal (ment to be constructive rather than critical) remark, I need T's for this summer and I'd be proudly wearing it no matter the styling! Great initiative @RocketFoot !
  9. For the record, these are not made of plastic but gold. I've seen pairs of these fragile parts go for >100 on e-bay when i was busy cleaning mine. notice also the plastic plates, they go underneath the front fender extension on top, closing gaps in the metal reinforcement. Missing the driver side, but being flat, they are easy to be reproduced.
  10. I come here to forget I live on planet corona and now this. 2 damaged beauties in one thread pffff... So sad see such cars being damaged like this. Good luck to you both!
  11. Yeah, if there are shows this year! Trump talked in weeks to re open country last nite I saw, here we talk in months scale before considering think about gatherings... Hope you will, it's a gorgeous car.
  12. is it the AOD tube? I have a 93 t-bird on driveway, I could check if same if you provide the dipstick length
  13. Welcome from planet Corona, northern Netherlands.
  14. @Big Red Mach 1 Nice! Need do same on both my gas caps... You simply pulled it out to get it over the center?

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