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  1. As far as the difference between 71-72 and 73, they actually did change the mount design. In 73 they went to a safer design, which prevents the engine from tearing loose in the event that the rubber part fails. Instead of two metal parts connected by the rubber under tension, the rubber was surrounded by the metal and placed under compression. If the rubber fails, the motor is still retained by the metal parts of the mount. It's easier to understand if you look at the two styles side by side.
  2. I knew the glass was different, but figured there must be something else I was missing! The windshields are different for the fastbacks, as well (they are shorter).
  3. The plenum that goes under the hood is the same either way. It's the air cleaner assembly that differs between the cleveland and the 429.
  4. Looks like my memory isn't quite up to snuff. The wheels are actually 8.5" wide now. I don't remember the backspacing, I'd have to measure them.
  5. Actually, I should have used the data link at the top, but I used several other sources. DSO codes seem to be somewhat contradictory depending where you look. I've seen some sites that list Pittsburg as 14 for 1964-1968, then 38 until 1971, and then not even showing Pittsburg, so who really knows? On top of that, it seems they may have changed codes during a model year, and used codes not officially listed until the next year. Very confusing.
  6. How about this? VIN: 3F05F100020 Body Style Code: 63R Exterior Paint: 6F Interior Trim: GF Axle Ratio: 6 Transmission Code: X District Sales Office Code: 38
  7. I can't really say what the widest wheel and tire combo possible is, but I can tell you what I have/had on mine. I used to run a set of 295-50-15's on 8.5" wide rims, which was fairly close, but did not rub. Currently I have 255-45-18's on 9.5" wide rims, they do not come close to touching. I really should have gone with 275's, I think, but wasn't sure if they would fit well on the rims. Of course, the wider you go, the more attention you have to pay to backspacing. Also, my mustang is set up with a little rake, and is not sitting low in the back like a lot of them do after 40 years. You
  8. I used to have a cable operated passenger side remote mirror in mine. I took it off of a '70s Tbird, if I remember correctly. It wasn't exactly the same mirror, but you had to really look closely to tell the difference, since I traded out the base with a mustang base. Eventually, I ended up putting the original back on, when I got the car painted.
  9. I put a wire brush wheel on my bench grinder, and it works great for getting grime off small parts.
  10. The ones I have do not hit, they were made by Hammond. I got them about four years ago when my last set was torn off in a hurricane. They did not hit, either, but I don't remember what brand they were. I bought that set sometime between 1988 and 1991 out of J.C. Whitney, of all places.
  11. If you're really concerned about the height of the wing, use the '69-'70 pedestals, they are longer, and will raise the wing higher.
  12. Mach, They are aftermarket louvres I picked up about four years ago, they are very similar to a set I bought twenty years ago. Here's a couple of pics. Just ignore the dust and dirt, it's been sitting and I haven't cleaned it off lately. They were made by Hammond, there aren't very many choices any more for these, especially if you want the aluminum ones.
  13. I replaced my sagging springs as well, using stock height springs, but I did the old school thing with longer (and adjustable) spring shackles, as well as staggered tire sizes to achieve the rake I wanted. You can also replace your front coils springs with shorter springs, which I did later as well. I have the the dark gray metallic fastback you can see on the home page cycle of pics.

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