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  1. Thanks to all for the nice comments. Special thanks to David and Don for their input on the cooling system. It just shows hot and never overflowed thru the radiator cap. I have checked it with my IR heat gun but was also not sure were the best place to check it at. I think i check the block next to the sending unit. Don't remember it being too high. I have been also thinking about the sending unit being the wrong one. Never thought much about the gauge. Thanks again to all. BB
  2. Hi, I signed up here some time ago but was having trouble getting on with my Windows 98 so like we do with our Cars had to upgrade to Windows 10. I got a 1972 Fastback 351C-2V. Its an older restore we did about 15 years ago. Back when they didn't have re-production parts. So its not 100% original but the best i could afford at the time. Wouldn't say its a show car but its mine. I have had some issues with it showing HOT . I been reading here about maybe it could be a thermostat issue. Thanks for having this site, Bruno
  3. Hi guys. I am really a newbie here. I have a 1972 Mustang fastback with 351C-2V. My engine temperature shows to be hot but has never overflowed. I have replaced the radiator with a new 3 core and didnt really help. Looks like i needed to come here a long time ago. I have to admit a little confused on what thermostat i need. I printed off the Advanced link but maybe thats not the correct one. Please advise which one i need and what temperature is most recommending? I cant remember looking at thermostat. If need the T Meyer one i probably need to pull mine and make sure what i have before i order. Thanks again. Bruno
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