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  1. Don't give up yet!! the Frame? well it's not a frame, it has a front clip. It's a unibody and can be fixed! You can get a used front clip then start on the rest. the rails underneath can be fabricated then remove all rust and simply welded over existing rails..as far as body parts well they are available at body supply stores. Nothing is impossible! I spent years finding parts but if there is a will there is a way!
  2. I have the original 4300D that comes with a Q code but getting a replacement is a tough thing , good Luck with that my friend.
  3. keep everything!!! Yesterday i was working on my car and wouldn't you know it my drivers side door handle broke! I have been going to junk yards and stripping Mustangs for years ,everyone thought i was nuts lol . Well after searching my parts I had a handle! So never throw out anything from your car, you will be sorry later if you do...
  4. can you take a picture of it? i have 73 and a 72 they are both the same.. but with a picture i will be able to see if it's original
  5. Welcome All !!!! great to have you in the shotgun seat!!! I'm driving a 73 Stang 351cj (71 mach one motor) and its going to be a ride!!
  6. lol sorry but my shock tops are punched through....please don't try air shocks..
  7. put some steel across that bad spot for now and bolt it to remaining decent metal, then like Timsweet said take car of the power train, brakes,steering and suspension first. A safe car is important..
  8. my motor is a 71 non A/C so it should be the same as yours, thanks for the help!
  9. i need to know the length on the spacer on power steering bracket , I can make one but I need length . Any help is welcome, the spacer is on the end of the bolt in this picture behind the green tape
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